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yeah, legit this update has pretty much crippled my phone. nothing works right anymore. constant errors and crashes for no apparent reason. wifi seems to be connected based on signal strength and the settings telling me i'm connected, but i get frequent connection errors anyway.

slightly improved by resetting, but i'm sure that won't last long.

call me paranoid, but it wouldn't surprise me if this was at least semi intentional on verizon/ motorola's part to force people into purchasing new phones or renewing contracts.

seriously looking into switching carriers now. verizon has been all around trash for years. I don't receive one in every ten calls and texts.
I was convinced to try iPhone because of my wife. She wanted all the extra smileys and facetime. I'm not much of a phone user.

I hate it. Can't wait to go back to android. I have used open source systems often enough that I had become very comfortable with them, and I feel like the iPhone is full of child locks and idiot-blocks that don't allow me to just do the things I want to do with it. The simplest and biggest frustration is the lack of a dedicated back button. That's all I want.

Only have to wait a year. We got the recurring upgrade plan so we could swap up annually.
I have had the OnePlus 3T for a while now. Last phone I buy from them. It's light and fast and the screen is fine. It's way buggier than the nexus phones though. Specifically anything related to the camera seems to crash frequently. On top of that, the audio is awful. Not just the speaker, but the bluetooth audio as well. It's just muddy and lifeless sounding. I'll hold on to it until the Pixel 2 comes out and make the switch then as long as Google brings the specs up to par with other phones.
Quickly, HTC a9s, or Asus Zenfone 3?

I'm considering the HTC because of the build. We have to consider that I'm extremely fucking clumsy. I get through about 1 a year.
Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise