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Can you recommend me some good, relatively easy songs in Open D od Open E tuning?
I just started fooling around with different tunings and its kind of a pain to downtune for the only three songs i know.
Right now I can play

Simple Twist of Fate-Bob Dylan
Big Yellow Taxi-Joni Mitchell
She Talks to Angels-Black Crowes

Any other Suggestions?
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Bob Dylan:
I shall be Free
Corrina Corrina
Oxford Town
Many songs on 'Blood on the Tracks' are in Open E (Open D, Capo 2)
Buckets of Rain

Pot Kettle Black
Radio Cure
Not For The Season
Can't Stand It

Neil Young:
Laughing Lady
Harvest Moon

Good site for NY:

Couple tunes here:

Slide - Poor Boy, Dark is the Night, Steel Guitar Rag, many Kelly Joe Phelps songs - I think D is the "pretty" slide tuning and G is the "nasty" one and usually have one reso in each.

Blues - Police Dog Blues, Vestapole (another name for the tuning)

Fahey - a bunch of songs including several Christmas songs

Kottke - Watermelon, Echoing Gilewitz, Little Martha

Also, blues is very fun (and easy) to play in open D. Enjoy.
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Open E

Ryan Bingham - Bread and Water (Great tune and easy to play)
Quite a bit of Ryan Bingham songs are in Open E, Open D and possibly some in open G but def open E.

[forbidden link]
This will help for Bread and Water.
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the cave by mumford and Sons
pretty much every Allman Bros. Band Song is in open E
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skip james - hard time killing floor and devil got my woman..both great songs to play in open d (minor though)
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Wolves - Big Wreck.

While it can be played in standard, the song was definitely recorded (or at least one of the guitar parts) in open D tuning.
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If I'm not mistaken The Black Keys "Keep Me" is in Open D/Open E and I believe The White Stripes "I fought Piranhas" is too.
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