Those anybody know of any really good hard rock bands? I've already found The Answer, Airbourne and Wolfmother but I can't seem to find any more.
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i would agree with you but the op said good though
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i would agree with you but the op said good though


Taking Dawn have been talked alot about recently even though I'm not that familiar with them.

How about Holy Grail (their EP wasn't amazing but their live show was)
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American Bang isn't too bad IMO, also Bobaflex.
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try these few, may not be to everyones tastes though.

maylene and the sons of disaster "Step up (im on it)" is a good track, like george thorogood but heavier.

ZZ top (ok, older, but they just released an album called 'la fatura' and it has some great tracks on it)
the living end
lynryd skynyrd (once again, older, but their latest two albums are pretty awesome (gods and guns) and (last of a dyin' breed), also the track "floyd" features John 5 on guitar)
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