My early 90s 60 watts fender gets crazy loud, in a negative way. By 1 it's screaming and if it's on 3 forget it. It also makes noise like the cable is bad but I've tested it with many already. When I bought it, it didn't have have a speaker so I installed a 12" Celestion Classic Lead 80 that use to be in a 212 cab with a JCM800.
I don't know if the problem has to deal with the tubes or speaker. If anyone has experience with failed tubes and speakers please shine some light on me. Also the distortion channel is broken, it doesn't activate when the switch is pushed. I don't really expect anyone to know the problem of that but if someone does that would be great.

Here's a pic of the amp. I took it because it's up on craigslist for relatively cheap and would rather fix it than practically give it away. I thought it came out rather nice.
Did u ever get it fixed? And what was the problem and solution? I have the exact same problem with my Super 112. I bought it off Craigslist late last year. Mine wasn't working when I bought it but I was able to correct that problem (someone wired the power switch incorrectly). I haven't had a chance to open it up again to address the other problems yet.