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Yeah, this season is weak in all departments it feels like. They're dragging things out to build suspense and build the world but it just doesn't feel right. 
Do they still not have the goddamn budget to make a fucking deer at least look realistic?! 
Oh wait sorry didn't realize the deer thing was covered Already. But seriously wtf 
This episode had some of the worst dialogue I've ever heard in this show. Which is saying something. Now all of sudden it seams like they are all talking like the junkyard crew. the timing is all off like right when someone stops talking someone else starts talking. No pause at all. Sounds so unrealistic. 
Got episode 27 Reading now at work in chunks if I can.

And yeah. Aside from the season opener, and a few others, it's felt like all filler. I can't fucking believe we're gonna be 14 episodes in after Sunday. After that, it's supposed to be all chaos and wrapping up storylines/significant characters dying or becoming turncoats, etc. I'm just not feeling any of that shit this season.
They finally got to the parts with Negan, the greatest source material on earth, and they somehow manage to fuck it up ... Who the hell is running this show?
It's like how season 2 dragged on what could have been 6-8 episodes into 13. But with the shit writing of like season 3.