Normaly i play guitar for Omnispawn but I always wanted something more brutal!
So here it is and I dare say that it is a bit more brutal than Omnispawn

Line Up:
Guitars and Vocals: Rickard (me)
Drums and Bass: Gadd (drummer from Omnispawn)

Tell me what you think!
(I will listen to your band if you listen to mine)

---UPDATE DEC 27 2012---

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vocals are WAAYYY to low!
i think UG should have a sub forum to the gear ads... for like recording equipment. not just guitars and amps and that stuff
Not bad.
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Yeah I checked out your song. You have tried hard and it shows in the song. You have done a good job. But it can’t be called perfect. Still some things need to be improved. Fix the problem and upload the other two songs as well. Wish you good luck with the other two songs.
Some of the riffs in it have a nice groove to them which is pretty cool, but as everyone said the vocals need to be re-mixed/recorded/whatever.

Listen to my side project called Stranger Danger. It's on here and on facebook, where you can listen to 2 of our songs "Ballad of Love" and "Rape Whistle," along with the demo of "Get to Steppin'."

I know it's totally not what you listen to, but it's worth a shot
Wow, people actually listened?
Thank you all, makes me want to get more songs up there.
The biggest problem right now is the drums and then it's recording vocals.
If we can fix the drum-problem (wont sync with the guitars) we could probably borrow a mic.

Other than the vocals it sounds ok then?
You did a good job, the fast riffs were fast if a little lacking in heaviness, the slower riffs were heavy and well done. The drums sync just fine with the guitars, and nothing seems to be truly out of time. But yes, you need a better mic, this was a terrible mic.
hell yeah this shit is tight. Vocals need to get turned up some though. But im sure youve already heard that. Nothing else i can really say you needa work on from my point of view, it all sounds sick.

Oh and myspace is dead dude! lol.

check out my band if you get a chance.

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