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So,i have a band and the genre is mainly metalcore/post hardcore and some pop punk
we have thought of some name aaand right now we like these ones
Your Favourite Lie(yes, british spelling, it looks better than favorite)
Where The Shadows Lie
One Last Kiss
Long Gone Broken
Fora(after a a spelling mistake on a reddit thread someone said this would make a good band name)
Update, I met a guitarist whose name is Quigley. So we are now officially the Quigleberries or possibly three little Quigs or Quigleberry club...
Quote by viennasunsetb
It seems to be a 'cool' thing to have a one-word band name - like 'Ocean' or something.

The less bands who do this, the better. IMO.

Oceans, Letterbox, Rivers, Cats, Falls... It's like they just pointed at an object and said, sod it, that'll do.

Better to have a name that means something, or an in joke or whatever.
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