“Complex and brutal structures, black and apocalyptic moods, an obscure music where dissonances and the compositions carry with them a bullying and aggressive singing…. A trip into the depths of the soul…”

END. Was created in 2001 and has grown into power-metal. After a few concerts, the band splits with the singer. Then END. works on its musical environment which becomes more obscure, epileptic and oppressive…
Beginning of 2004 and after many auditions, the band finally finds its singer and gets back to the roads to play with Gojira, JenX, Sybreed, Black Bomb A, Pelican, Sleeppers,High On Fire, .......
Beginning of 2005, END. goes to the ConKrete Studio in Bordeaux to record the EP «*Never Ending Whirl Of Confusion*». The title “Beyond the scenes” is chosen to be part of the June 2005 Rock Hard sampler. Critics are unanimous as far as the musical quality of the band is concerned. END., which looks like a road roller on stage, spreads its name.
Summer 2006, they join the booking agency Jerkov and by the end of December, a compilation with the band amongst others like Dagoba, Manimal, Punish Yourself… is available.
The Metal Academy of the national radio «*Le Mouv’*» puts END. on air quite regularly and names it «*album of the week*» during this year of 2006.
Before going to the studio in august 2007 to record their first album, END. takes part in the Hellfest (amongst Neurosis, Machine Head, Slayer,...) on the Discover Stage in June.The band is also seen on the local television news M6 Toulouse for this great event.
France’s END. gives the metal scene exactly what is needed – something unique, groundbreaking, and a new style of extreme to follow upon. Much like fellow homeland heroes Gojira and Hollow Corp., END. pulls off a signature sound that can immediately be picked up by the metal critics. END.’s ever evolving brand of extreme music makes for an open minded listen from start to finish. Their technicality not only stands out, but also goes towards metal’s advantage, expanding the genre.
END. delivers complex and brutal structures while at the same time adding doses of dark and apocalyptic moods, keeping you addicted. Their creativity, power, and aesthetics without a doubt will stun the metal genre.
Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of END. coming from Toulouse, France!
END. just finished working on their first album which is set for release in June of 2009! More
details on the album will be revealed soon. Stay tuned...
Recently, END. changed their name for Eryn Non Dae.

Band contact : Franck*: +33 (0)6 74 88 31 64
Band Mail : end.theband@gmail.com
Website : http://www.erynnondae.com/
Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/end1freefr


E.P 4 titres - 2005

Compilation «*On se bouge citoyens*!!!*»
Schizophrenia records – 2006
Title : Desensitized
With these others bands*: Dagoba, Tripod, Manimal, Punish Yourself, Headcharger, Tagada Jones, …

"Hydra Lernaia"2009 (Metal Blade Records)

Tracklisting ‘Hydra Lernaia’:
1- When time elapses
2- Blistering hate
3- Existence asleep
4- The decline and the fall
5- Lam Tsol Oua
6- Through dark skies
7-Opposites from within
8- Echoes of distress
9- Pure

‘Hydra Lernaia’ is in stores as a nice Digipak CD for Europe and Cristal for USA!
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New ERYN NON DAE. VIDEO "The decline and the fall" !!!!
Post-apocalyptic French metal monsters ERYN NON DAE. shot a clip to their new song ‘The Decline And The Fall’. The artistic short movie can be seen here:


Directing this video for" the decline and the fall" has been a very instinctive process.
Nothing has been written before and the structure came out in parallel with the song; so there is no scenario, the result is close to some kind of visual art going along the music.
Several animation process or image capture have been used during the creation. The red line is visible with these formeless shapes of several fluids finishing by covering everything... bringing a kind of reality to the idea of decline and fall .I've been animated, dirtied, destroyed, taken pictures and then cutted the whole thing with patience trying to honor the confidence from the Eryn Non Dae guys..
Manuel Rufié-Director.
that video is godlike,
i am so annoyed by all those generic metal videos with OMG look how fast doublebass we're so br00tl headbanging cliche crap
The new album of Eryn Non Dae., still untitled at the time of writing, will be about metamorphosis. Chrysalis, The Great Downfall, Black Obsidian Pyre or Scarlet Rising are a few of the titles which will be featured on END.'s new offering. In August, the band will head for Mobo's Conkrete Studio to record the successor of"Hydra Lernaïa".


Part3 in fews weeks: ...... SOUND............
Cool stuff! I really enjoyed it, and you do have a very distinctive sound. Watched the Blistering Hate video.

Would you mind repaying the favour and giving us a listen and a like on Facebook here:

Cheers. We appreciate it
Today, Eryn Non Dae. raise their metal to a new level.

Their second album, Meliora, gives cause to revaluate structure, phrase and atmosphere. Eryn Non Dae.’s music resembles a sculpture, complex and evocative.

Recorded by the demanding visionary Mobo (Conkrete Studios) who also recorded Hydra Lernaïa and the first EP.

Eryn Non Dae. push the limits of their metal further still: Meliora is both cerebral and organic, complete with dynamic relief, softer abstract and atmospheric passages of contained energy appear and transport the listener. From this highly textured mosaic the concept comes to life: this time coming from a long introspective process. Meliora speaks of the metamorphosis of a man into a higher being. This transformation is born from a realization of inner truth. On this inexorable journey towards the end, a light may be found.

The lyrics of Meliora swing between appeasement and resignation, with references to mythology and alchemy. Filled with actual experiences, the album expresses a physical and psychic quest. The lyrics are raw and fragile, vindictive and sensitive, bleak yet filled with goodwill and hope. Meliora is, finally, a fragment of pure humanity.

"Hidden Lotus" exclusive new song is available here:

In store as a nice digipack the 8th of October 2012 with M&O Music
Pre order here!:

Follow the band here:

Our new official video Hidden Lotus is on line!:


Directed by Arnaud Gransagne during summer 2013.
Taken from the album Meliora in stores since October 2012 and recorded at ConKrete Studio.

Hidden Lotus is the visual representation of the concept approached throughout Meliora: metamorphosis. Based on the lyrics of the song, the video develops the idea of evolution through the growth pattern of the lotus, signifying the progress of the soul. The lotus draws its substance from the mud to flourish above the water.

Eryn Non Dae. webshop:


Follow the band here!:

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