I'm a vocalist/guitarist looking to start an online hard rock/classic rock/grunge kind of sounding band. Ideally, i need a

1)Lead guitarist
2)Rhythm guitarist

A decent (doesn't have to be amazing) recording setup is required. Also, ability to write your own part is a must.

Anyone interested?
I'm up for rhythm/lead. My recording quality is likely to improve by Christmas but it's decent for now.
Gibson Les Paul Studio, I'll be getting a better way to record is what I was referring to in my previous post.
I suppose that would be the easiest, to do some covers before diving into originals. I do not have GP5 but I have TuxGuitar which can read GP5 files.
ive got addictive drummer if you want to go down that line
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ive done it how do you want the recording two mp3's (bass,drums) or a cubase file?
Still need a guitarist? I have a gibson les paul studio and a line 6 x2. As for programs, i have audacity and the programs that came with the x2. If you want to see my skills, check my band/project Red Paul, but for my Guitar skills(my old drummer had a crappy setup). Its here:http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/redpaul/
If you message me, ill put up a newer demo.
I could do rythm 2. if u want more then 2 guitarists. i can sing too.
I play guitar & sing.
I play uke, too, not like you need that
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