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Guh. I have so much stuff. And so much of it is garbage and I know it is garbage. Why do I want to keep all of it? What good is a set of keys that I found at the Little League field when I was 8 going to do me? Why should I hold on to a golf ball that I found at my grandma's house?
You are grasping onto your innocence. You are afraid of taking the steps necessary to grow up. Also you want to **** your mother #Freud

If I take 14 hours of classes next semester I will be ready to graduate.

I kinda don't wanna now.
I worked Boston Calling a few weeks ago and they were headlining and they played a pretty deep cut setlist. It was slightly disappointing but also kinda troll-y so I respected it. Woulda respected it waaaaaaaaay more if they hadn't played float on.

Wish they played 3rd planet though.
So, I just saw Modest Mouse. It was pretty amazing, you can see the setlist here

All in all, I was very pleased with everything. Fun time.
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Holy crap that's a good setlist, especially once it gets to A Different City. I really hope I get to see them someday.

I think you mean especially once it gets to Dramamine :P

But yeah, I was so ****ing hyped after they played Dramamine and went on that long run of my favs. I was a little disappointed in the beginning cause I didn't care for too many of the songs except for Broke of course, but damn did they finish strong. People kept yelling out Styrofoam Boots so I was really surprised they actually played it.

Oh, and someone also yelled out "PLAY CAT FACES" and i just lost it. I don't think Isaac heard but it was funny.
woah hi brad what brings you back?

I almost kind of but not really have a life now but I still post here. ;_;
OK i'll talk.

I observed a special education classroom for a day for one of my classes and it was on my birthday and it was probably one of the best birthdays i've had. They were super nice. And I started to consider going into the field of special education. But I think I am being naive. Am I being naive? I also watched Oprah interview Tim Shriver (special olympics chairman) for Super Soul Sunday and it made me cry and feel inspired. Am I still being naive?
I don't think so. Sure there are probably some realities and difficulties that you haven't thought about, but that's the case if you go into special education or graphic design or start practicing law. There tends to be really heavy burnout, so be aware of that. I know a great special education teacher that worked with preschool age kids, but she left that position because she got hit or bit or whatever else one too many times. You can't really tell someone to just work through that.

If that is what calls to you, great! Do it. Is there a specific sub-population that you want to work with?
Yeah, if I were to do that i'd probably go for the older kid range.

But I have also toyed with going to grad school in history over the past month so who knows if this is just flavor of the month stuff. If I were to do it, i'd probably be a para for a while and do plenty of helping out with special olympics and other stuff like that, just to make sure i'm not being totally dumb about it. But i'll wait it out and continue my current course just in case i'm being naive.
Yeah, you were a lynchpin of this place when it had legs. Those were finer days, yeah?