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Vocals: Michael Jackson
Guitar 1: Jimi Hendrix
Guitar 2: Eddie Van Halen
Bass/Vocals: Paul Mccartney
Drums: John Bonham

Works out great since EVH and Mccartney have both collaborated with MJ before. I think Jimi was so versatile that he could find a way to incorporate his own playing style with Eddie's.
Vocals: David Draiman
Lead Guitar: Dan Donegan
Rhythm Guitar: Synister Gates
Second Rhythm (Just cause I can): Monte Money
Drums: Jason Costa
Bass: Emma Anzai
i can't cause it would just end up being the who but i would like this combo:
Drums: Dave Grohl
Bass: John Entwistle
Guitar/ Vocals: Jimi Hendrix
2nd guitar: Billy Corgan
3rd guitar: Pete Townhend
yes that's right 3 guitars and they're all songwriters the songs they would produce would be tremendous
and ray manzarek on keys who i forgot
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Lol, Black Sabbath practically is my dream band already. But just for fun…

Vocals: Iggy Pop
Guitar: Tony Iommi
Bass: Lemmy
Drums: Keith Moon
Singer-Mick Jagger
Lead Guitar-Angus Young
Rhythm Guitar-Malcom Young
Drums-Dave Grohl
vocals- randy blythe
lead guitar- matt heafy
rhythm guitar- matt tuck
drums-joey jordinson
bass-alex webster
Vocals: Ozzy Osbourne ( Black Sabbath/ Blizzard of Oz )
Lead Guitar: Randy Rhoads ( Blizzard of Oz )
Rhythm Guitars: Angus & Malcom Young ( AC/DC )
Bass: Cliff Williams ( AC/DC )
Drums: Dave Grohl ( Nirvana )
Lead Vocals/guitar: Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
Bass/backup vocals: Christopher Wolstenholme (Muse)
Drums: Dan Peters (Mudhoney)

Thought about posting Kurt Cobain featuring the Meat Puppets because I think that's where he was heading before he blew his brains out. I think Nirvana was over regardless of whether or not Kurt Cobain committed suicide or not.
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My Dream Jam Band

Jerry Garcia (GD) and Trey Anastasio (PHISH) trading on lead/vocals
Carter Beauford (DMB) - Set
Jim Loughlin (MOE)- Percussion
John Paul Jones (ZEP) - Bass
Bruce Hornsby - Piano
Joan Osborne - backup vocals
Chuck Mangione (Brass)
Guitar1: Mark Tremonti
Guitar2: Joe Robinson
Bass: Victor Wooten
Drum:Mike Portnoy
Vocal:Myles Kennedy

Vocals: Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, Slash)
Lead Guitar: Dimebag Darrell (Pantera, Damageplan)
Rhythm Guitar: James Hetfield (Metallica) he would also do backing/occasional lead vocals.
Bass Guitar: Cliff Burton (Metallica)
Drums: Nick Menza (Megadeth, Rust in Peace line up)
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Vocals - Layne Staley
Guitarists - Tony Iommi & Dimebag Darrell
Bass - Tim Commerford
Drums - Danny Carey
Vocals - Serj Tankian
Lead Guitar: Buckethead
Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals: Daron Malakian
Bass - Les Claypool
Drums - Herb
Lead Vocals: Freddy Mercury
Lead Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
Rhythm Guitar: Izzy Stradlin
Bass: John Paul Jones
Drums: Bill Ward
Clean Vocals: Vic Fuentes
Dirty/Clean Vocals: Jeremy McKinnon
Guitarist: Joey Wilson
Guitrarist: Thomas Erak
Guitarist/Vocals: Shawn Milke
Bass: ig Takeshi Taneda because he's a session and will work with probably anyone?
Drums: Takashi Kashikura
Because of the similarities bewtween My chemical Romance and Queen
Vocals: Freddy Mercury/Gerard Way
Guitars: Brian May(lead), Ray Toro(alternate between rhythym/lead based on song need., Frank Iero(rhythym)
Drums: Bob Bryar
Keys: James Dewees.

Also, I'd like to see Jack White work the Black Keys, although Carney is a bit of a moron, I still think it could be good and TBKs could learn a bit from White.
I'd Probably go with

Vocals: Rivers Cuomo
Lead Guitar: Frusciante
Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals: Jonny Greenwood
Bass: Flea
Drums: Dave Grohl
Rapping: The Beastie Boys

However, id like to see a bass instrumental band made up of Flea, Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, John Entwhistle and Chris Wolstenholme
A drum line of Grohl, Neil Peart, John Bonham, and maybe Travis Barker
An alt rock guitar Instrumental group of Frusciante, Greenwood, Johnny Marr and The Edge
And an A Cappella group featuring Cuomo, Thom Yorke, and the Beastie Boys.
lead guitar - slash
rhythm guitar - hendrix
bass- flea
vocals - freddie mercury
drums - dave grohl
Vocals: Mike Patton
Guitar 1: Eric Clapton
Guitar 2:John Frusciante
Bass: Cliff Burton
Drums:Jon Bonham
Rhythm guitar - hendrix
Bass - Cliff Burton
Vocals - Mike Patton
Drums - Dave Grohl
Lead guitar - slash
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Vocals - Lemmy
Guitar1-randy rhoads
Guitar2-Dave gilmour
Bass - Roger waters(joint songwriting with lemmy)
Drums- Dave grohl(lemmys back up singer)

Now that is what i would call a perfect band. Just imagine how angry and uplifting this band would be at the same time. Their would have to be a new category of rock.
lead guitar - ray vaughan
rhythm guitar - hendrix
bass- flea
vocals - kurt cobain
drums - blink 182 guy...

that would be my dream band but hey, I am very biased
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Vocals - Corey Taylor (slipknot) & James Hetfield (metallica)
Guitar 1 - Zakk Wylde
Guitar 2 - Kirk Hammett (Metallica)
Bass - Adam Duce (Machine Head)
Drums - Andols Herrick (Ex Chimaira)

This is literally the best post on here
Vocals & Guitar - Tim McIlrath (Rise Against)
Guitar 2 - Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine)
Bass - Shavo Odadjian (System of a Down)
Drums - Tré Cool (Green Day)

I went with what I thought would be cool, as well as who I thought would actually work well together. Imagine what those four would create together.
My dream band is my husbands band. Why would I need anything else?
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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Supergroup "System of a Sound"
Basically all of SOAD with Chris Cornell on vocals along with Serj Tankian.

Idk, this popped in my head the other day, thought it seemed cool
Vocals: Mark Boals
Guitar 1: Jason Becker
Guitar 2: Shawn Lane
Bass: John Myung
Keyboards: Jens Johansen
Drums: Mike Portnoy

This would never work but if it somehow did, it'd be a Neoclassical Blitzkrieg.
Steve Winwood (vocals, guitar/organ)
Sting (vocals, bass)
Billy Preston (keyboards)
Robben Ford (guitar)
Ringo Starr (drums)

Jazz-ish classic rock band with two brilliant frontmen, two brilliant sidemen, and a drummer who is an expert at getting the hell out of the way of geniuses.
Death to Ovation haters!
Vocals-Nick Cave (The Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds)
Bass-Holger Czukay (Swans)
Guitar-Michael Rother (Kraftwerk, NEU!)
Guitar 2-Nigel Yang (HTRK)
Drums-The drummer from Goat (Sweden) whose identity is unknown 
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