I've been using my irig for a few days and love it. I have the full version and use it on my iphone.

Tonight I was messing with the settings (trying to play it in the background with an ipod song at the same time) and at some point I lost all amp sound from the guitar. Other amplitube sound functions such as the metronome come through the headphones fine. It's almost like the guitar is unplugged - or that there is some mute button I'm missing. The "bypass" button on the amp volume control is off. None of the different amp types are giving me sound.

By the way, I don't need advice on playing a song in the background - I figured that one out by recording it into amplitube. The recorded song plays fine also - but I can't hear the guitar.

Guitar volume knob is up, I've turned the phone off and on, checked plug connections, and generally stared at it for a long time.

Any advice?
Have any other guitars? try one
I'm up for building you a pedal.
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Doesn't work with another guitar. And my guitar plays fine through a real amp. Also tried two different cables.
Likewise - checked all my stuff, and did a lot of unplugging plugging in etc...
still nothing - I can't get the tuner to work either. Exactly like you said, it is as if the guitar was unplugged. I can hear songs , demos etc. but no guitar.
You occasionally have to entirely reboot it in order to get it up and running properly.
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You occasionally have to entirely reboot it in order to get it up and running properly.

I basically have the same problem with iRig and Amplitube. In the beginnning it works and now no sound at all anymore. Have no clue why. I'll try your suggestions above and hope it works.
My iRig works with Garageband though, although it generates a lot of noise there. Don't know why either.
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Turn off the solo tap in "Drums" !!!

Worked for me, thanks !
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Worked for me, thanks !

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