I have a 1977 Ibanez Les Paul with original Gold hardware (Bridge, saddle, pickup covers, tuning pegs and tuners)

I would like to keep the guitar stock..but the goild hardware is horribly corroded...what should I use to clean up this corrosion and prevent it from happening again?
you have to re finish it. corrosion's permanent. its not something to just wipe away.
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How bad is the corrosion?

Anywho corrosion adds a bit of character.
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Its the plating wearing off, you can't remove the wear because its the gold wearing off.
You can clean it with lighter fluid, but it won't be gold underneath, it will be a rough silver colour.
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Gold shouldn't corrode. It gets dirty so you can use dish soap and a toothbrush.

Keep in mind that this guitar is +30 years old....gold isnt very durable at all, and it does corrode.

The corrosion ranges from very mild (Tuners) to horrific (Bridge and saddle, and 1/2 of a pickup cover)(Its so bad on the saddle that you can see the steel under it..)....If you cant just get rid of the corrosion, do you know where I can get another Bridge/saddle set +3 new gold plated pickup covers?
Gold doesn't oxidize (ie corrode) but like others have said you've probably lost the plating.
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Keep in mind that this guitar is +30 years old....gold isnt very durable at all, and it does corrode.

After reading this sentence, I literally cannot facepalm myself hard enough. Gold is a Non-corrosive metal.

Copper is a corrosive metal, when it oxides it becomes green.
Iron is a corrosive metal, when it oxides it turns red.
Gold does not corrode. Ever wonder why people still find gold coins at the bottom of the ocean? It's because Gold chemically cannot naturally corrode. In fact, Gold is so noncorrosive that laboratory produced Gold Oxide will spontaneously convert back to pure Gold!

EDIT: Now chances are, what TS has one his guitar is not gold, but some gold-looking material over some nickel-zinc alloy, and it's probably just rubbing off now.
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Gold is an element that does not corrode. That's why it's used on CPU pins and connectors. Silver is the best conductor, copper is second best, and gold is third.
How bad is the "corrosion" which, I'm pretty sure, is actually just the plating wearing off of the steel parts underneath? Because wear like that usually looks pretty good in the whole "old guitar with natural playing wear" kind of thing. It shows an instrument has character especially on a 30+ year old instrument
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Wear is natural on gold hardware. The plating will rub off exposing the chrome beneath. I hate it too man but you have to live with it. I've wanted to restore the pick up covers on my DL625. Now I just see it as character. And I kinda like the look. Makes it look like what it is. A well played guitar...
I had issues with the gold machines on my Taylor 714ce corroding. More like scaling but corrosion just the same.

I found the best thing that cleans them is the Metal Care towel from Blitz.

Works like a charms and now their shining like brand new.

blitzinc.com ... Go to the musical instrument care section.

They can also be found on EBay slightly cheaper.
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