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Fully fretted and fret ends snipped:

Pickup routing. I went about this completely the wrong way, but it worked, so I was lucky. I was gonig to go down the normal way of using a template but I had no access router bits with bearings, so I did it freehand and chiselled the last bit of it off. What can I say, I was in a rush. I will never do it this way again, there is so much potential to mess up.

Luckily I got away with it and got a decent fit.

And the wire

Wooden pickup rings. Harder than you think. I spray painted them black later and didn't get another pic.

Testing a load of different spirit based dyes.

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I dyed my hands blood red for about two weeks because of this stuff. It just doesn't come off. Needless to say, I got loads of dirty looks on the train from strangers who thought I'd murdered someone.

Table top from the last pic. Was good fun.

Sanding for the second coat of stain. I did orange then red, and it came out a nice dark red with black in the grain.

After 2 coats of pre-cat lacquer

The wax shined it up nicely.

Control cavity cover. It's metal cut from an old baking tray and sprayed with blackboard paint.

Was lacking a decent sig. Still is.
On my workbench wiring it up. I also had to level and crown the frets in record time the next morning. This was taken at about midnight in my shed, as my tutor had decided he wanted my project in the next day and not in two weeks time as he had told me for the last 4 months or so.
I used sheilded silver wire, which probably doesn't make all that much (if any) difference but it was the best I had. no pics of the actual wiring, sorry. Theres a bare nuckle nailbomb and some cheapo stacked humbucker in there. They both sound great, although it sounds a bit bright through the nailbomb. I think this is because of the wood though.

And finally finished, in the corner of my room.

I forgot to rotate this one and I can't be arsed now, sorry.

I made the table in the background too.

Anyway, I now get to saying how well this went. The actual guitar part of this works fine. The fretboard works perfectly and I can say that ash is fine as a neck wood. Its been sat in the corner of my room for a year without going out of tune, and I think that that's about as good as a neck gets.
The problem is that because the body was small, the thing wouldn't balance at all, no matter where I put the strap button. I tried a couple of other things including making a leather strap with iron weights in one end that was basically a medieval weapon and filling the empty space in the control cavity with bits of sheet steel. in the end I screwed two big pieces of cast iron to the back of the body. Its not elegant, it barely works and it makes the guitar weigh a ton.

I'm going to be rebuilding it soon, using the parts from this one. I might try to steam the fretboard off as well, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

So it has sat, forgotten and neglected in the corner, too heavy and unbalanced to play, for over a year.
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As of two minutes ago, next to some fretwire and my keyboard.

Close up of the former crowbar that now balances it.

Was lacking a decent sig. Still is.
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