Hello guys! We are Frame, a metalcore band from Slovenia, Europe. We have been active for 4 years now. Last year we recorded our EP and in August 2010 we have recorded our first music video for song Monsters. Please listen to our music and check out our music video.
Stay c00re!


Line up:
Marko F. - Vocals
Marko V. - Lead Guitar
David - Rythm guitar
Ozzy - Bass
Maja - Drums
Why aren't you guys (and girl )famous yet? lol I'm jk.
nah, but seriously. That was surprisingly good. I'd have to say I did enjoy the monsters video and the music. the breakdown, although simple, was wicked.

In summary. Good all around. Keep networking, keep working hard, and I think you guys have some some serious potential. this is legit


ps. if you have time, check my stuff out and tell me what you think?
heey thanks for listening our music and watching the video... we are working really hard now, so hopefully we will be able to record our first album in december 2011.

of course I will check your band..

have a nice day!
Marko V.
hello guys here are some informations what has been going on with us, since last time I wrote here 2011 was amazing year for us, we had some really kick ass gigs, we met some really great people and fans, we played on the biggest festival in Slovenia - METALCAMP 2011, and two also very big festivals. Now we are prepearing for recording sessions for our first album can`t wait to share our music with you

so if you would like to stay tuned with us:
like us on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/FrameBandOfficial

follow us on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/frameofficial

watch our music videos, live recordings on YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/FrameOfficial

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Not normally a fan of metalcore, but this is good. Seems european (especially central/east european) metalcore is a lot better than the american/british stuff.
🙈 🙉 🙊
Heeey everyone! Here we are after a long long time! There have been some changes in the line-up in past year, but we are back on the track!!! So here it is! We present you the short teaser for our upcoming single My Dear Friend, which will be online in a week or two.. So please check it out, like it if it sounds good to you, leave a comment and have a nice day!!!!


want more:
Hello everyone!! After some major problems and long hours of work, here it finally is: OUR BRAND NEW SINGLE WITH LYRIC VIDEO FOR SONG MY DEAR FRIEND!!! Please watch it, listen to it, like it, share it with your friends!!! Thank you for your support!! we love each and everyone of you!
Hey everybody, how's it going? If you liked our lyric video for the song MY DEAR FRIEND and would also like to have digital copy of the single, go to the http://frameofficial.bandcamp.com/ where you can get it. It is cheaper than coffee we would be grateful for your support!
We all wish you happy, creative, full of good music and successful New Year 2014!!!!