im really starting to love blues but i can't find any "chicago blues".
anything to listen to would be great. thanks.
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Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter, Big Boy Crudup, Buddy Guy

i got flamed for naming freddie king in a similar thread to this a few months ago. apparently he rates as texas blues despite having spent a lot of his life and career in chicago.

anyways, listen to freddie, i don't care what what category people put him in, he is essentially an electric city blues man.

'sweet home chicago' is a case in point.
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- Jimi Hendrix
- Elmore James
- Koko Taylor
- Lonnie Brooks
- Luther Johnson
- Elvin Bishop
- Mike Bloomfield
- Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
- Sonny Boy Williamson II
^Yeah, Bishop & Bloomfield. Check out the Butterfield Blues Band.

Willie Dixon, Howlin' Wolf, and Muddy Waters were a cooperative collection of kickass too.

Buddy Guy and Junior Wells.

Son Seals.

Lee Gates is another name that comes to mind, my Old Man blew harp with him once for a gig here in Wisconsin... Lee doesn't like harmonica players, but he liked my Old Man.
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Everyone mentioned here is good, but I'd like to particularly pull out Jazz Funeral's suggestion of Buddy Guy and Junior Wells. Anything they do together is pure gold, IMO.
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siegel-schwall band goes unmentioned frequently.....great harmonica and acoustic guitar
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Son Seals.

Not to discard this soul, Son Seals moved up to Chi in the early 70's. Although popular on the Chi Blues scene, Son Seals, like BB King and Big Mama Thornton, was more representative of Delta and Memphis Blues.
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^ I sit corrected.

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Lot of big names missing here! So....

- Earl Hooker

- Luther Allison

- Magic Sam

- Freddy King (named by one user, and rightfully so - he's a Chicago blues man through and through. The west side is where he cut his teeth and built his sound.)

- Jimmy Dawkins

- Luther Tucker

- Jody Williams

- Jimmy Johnson

- John Little John

- Robert Nighthawk

- Eddie Taylor

- Hubert Sumlin

- Lefty Dizz