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We just released some new stuff.

Here is a link to the goods:

We hope you enjoy it, and as always thanks for listening and supporting DIY music.


Hell yes.

When I pressed play on "ô mon corps", it sounded like an orchestra.
It has been quite a while since I posted on this thread, and a lot has happened. The band has been hard at work.

Our newest album is called Heights .

So far the days following the Heights release have been really exciting! It was the best-selling rock album on bandcamp(screenshot on our facebook as proof ). It is also being featured on the front page of Sputnik Music where we received a really great review. We couldn't be happier right now, and are super grateful of our fans and everyone who has supported us over the years. We wouldn't be where we are without each and every one of them!

As always everything is available for free stream, and download on our bandcamp page. I think you're going to enjoy what you hear!

Oh...and If you do enjoy what you hear please go and like us on facebook, and tell your friends about our music. We'd really appreciate it!
We're having a limited vinyl pressing of our newest album Heights! The album was featured on several top albums of 2013 lists, and we're really happy to be able to offer a limited edition physical copy. The guys at Sly Vinyl have done a killer job, and we're honored to have Heights be SVR03. Here are the details, and a link to order.

DELUXE PRESS - strictly limited to 500 copies with NO plans to repress in the near future

200 on Black & White A Side/B Side w/ Silver Splatter
300 on Ultra Clear w/ Black Haze

All 500 Deluxe Press copies will have the following features…

Hand Numbered
180g-200g Vinyl
Virgin Vinyl
Black poly lined inner sleeves
350gsm cardboard sleeves (heaviest we could buy)

As always all of our music is available for free stream and download at our bandcamp page. Link is in my sig. Thanks for all the support!
Hey everyone!

Today marks the release of out newest album "When Last We Met"!

It was recorded back in July in the same studio we used for "Heights", and we're proud to say that its our best work yet. On this album we tried using some new sounds like acoustic guitar, electronic samples, and classical upright bass. As always the music is available for free stream and download. Head over to our bandcamp because you're really going to enjoy it!
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