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Quote by Jason Jillard
i've never used shielding. i don't actually understand it. or notice any difference with it

little confession right there.

You only really need it if you have a lot of humming or buzzing from your guitar signal. If noise isn't an issue then you don't need to worry about it.

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You should probably not be saying these things as a professional builder haha sorry. Shielding is very simple, it's for noise protection (and yes i've noticed differences on humbucker guitars). It doesn't change the tone, just makes for a cleaner signal. What it does is acts as an antenna for radio interference (such as that from florescent bulbs) so the radio waves go to that and then get shunted to ground, rather than going into the positive signal and getting amplified by the amplifier. And yeah, it is mostly important on a single coil guitar, but still, important for anything (especially if coil splitting is in the works).
fair enough, and like, i know how to do it, a few different ways at least i just never found it important or knew how it actually worked, so thanks for that.

i also don't like how it looks =P

the sheilding paint is better than the tape approach, but still.

its the same thing with microphonics in pickups. you don't always want them, but sometimes having a little bit makes it sound awesome.

if a customer requests it of course, it shall be done.