Really really awesome band.

Imagine Brand New mixed with twinkly guitars and the dynamics of the whole emo revival scene.

Yes I just said that, and your mind has all been blown.
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I give you the lolslope

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I love you.

yeah i kinda dig their EP, but sometimes if feels a bit meh.
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I saw these guys posted on Circling the Drain a little while ago. They were decent if I remember correctly. I'll have to check them out again.
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what a ripoff

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I love the vocals... the mixing isn't the best, and sometimes the songs get a bit messy, and i think they try a bit too hard sometimes with some american football style riff when some chords would work better but i quite like this.
New song is pretty great but 'scared enough' will always be the jammiest of their jams.
Despite this forum's affinity for Brand New and twinkly guitars, that's the most unappealing description I can think of.

Don't really care for the band tho.
Bumping this thread because i've had Maybe you, No one else worth it on repeat for the last couple of days.