I recently purchased an iPhone and installed the Tapatalk Forum App for another forum I frequent and found it works really well.
With the amount of people asking for mobile support for the forums I thought this might be something worth looking into. It does support vBulliten but honestly I'm not sure if it will support the current version the site is running and if it would clash with the way the forum is linked to the profiles.
The app is also available for Android, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile 7 for any of those wondering.

If this idea is rejected may I ask if there's any other kind of mobile forum/site viewing option in the works? The forums are browse-able from a phone via a normal mobile browser but I feel proper mobile support would make viewing and posting in the forums an easier, more pleasant experience.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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Mobile version would be nice as alot of people are moving to using the net on their smartphones rather than computers, but probably difficult to implement?
Quote by arsonite
but probably difficult to implement?

That's why I suggested Tapatalk as something to look into. If it supports the site's current version of VB then it isn't hard to get up and running, but if requires extensive code modifications or an update then I understand it would probably be more trouble than the Russians are willing to go through at the moment.
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This gets my vote. Tapatalk is great for browsing forums on Ipads and phones.
Mods, is there any reason why Tapatalk can't be set up on here? AFAIK it's just a plugin that goes in a folder on your server and is free. Browsing forums is crap on an iPad, I find I use forums much more on it when they're on tapatalk or forum runner!
I have been wondering this for a while. Why is there NO TAPATALK support???
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I actually just came here to ask for the same thing. Tapatalk would be awesome and much easier to implement then a mobile version of the forums. It's already implemented! This is the only forum I use on a regular basis that doesn't support it.

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Topic resurrection!

I bought my first smartphone, I bought Tapatalk... WHERE THE HELL IS UG?! There is an official plugin for vBulletin. Why, oh why nobody cares?
UG makes special apps for mobile phones, advertises them everywhere, but can't simply add Tapatalk support. That's umm... weird.
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Admins, wake up! WE WANT TAPATALK!
The installation on vBulletin takes 5 minutes of your time - we have comfort forever.

Everyone who want Tapatalk installed on forum as bad as I, keep this thread alive!

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Install Tapatalk and get rid of topic like this. I mean come on - it can't be that difficult...
i belive that tapatalk does not work with this version of vBulletin, or something like that. and because of all of the modifications to get UG to work with the profiles and other features, upgrading is not an option.

also, the Russian office is still out on holiday. they should be back within a couple of days. please be patient in waiting for them.
Quote by Gregfield
The installation on vBulletin takes 5 minutes of your time - we have comfort forever

As I understand it, UG doesn't use a standard version of vBulletin. So it might not be as easy as you think to make tapatalk work with UG.
You're right, but I think it's worth a shot.
Better try to install it on this version than buy a new one for $250. Am I right?
Even trying to make a mobile version of the site and forum is a lot of work.

Theoretically my two phpbb boards aren't compatible with tapatalk (installer says that), but I forced installation anyway and it works perfectly. No errors.
I can't say if it's gonna work here, but I think that every faulty installation can be reversed, if not by manual uninstall, then by restoring the backups of board and database.

I hope some technical admin sort of guy will post he's opinion here.
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We thinking about that :-)

But as @Roc8995 saying, it's not so easy. We working at that.
After almost 2 years my thread gets a reply from an admin.

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Well, I hope we won't be waiting another 2 years the work to be done.
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Is there any update on this? I'd use the forums much more if it was available on something like Tapatalk as it's much easier on an iPad than using a normal web based forum.

As an alternative, what about Forumrunner? http://www.forumrunner.net/

I think with that you can install the plug ins and it'll work, or for a reasonable cost you can actually have your own branded forum app - I know of a couple other forums that have them AV Forums and Expat forums and they're both pretty cool.
I'd like this too!

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