Hello! I'd like to promote my my band. Broken Ideas is an Zagreb based indie band. The band formed in November, 2010. We immediately started making our songs. Our lyrics are on English because of mine/our influences and because we want everybody to understand us. Not only Croatians. We recorded a demo album in April, this year and did our first gig in May. You will be able to listen to it and download it in links below. Everything you need to know is written on myspace if you click more at the general info



and our email:


Listen, comment, rate, add us... Do what you want
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Not bad. I like it. "Still The Same" was my favorite.

Thank you! Glad you like it
We are currently looking for a record label outside of our country because music industry in our country is so bad for new bands at the moment. For any bands in Croatia for that matter. Also we're having trouble finding a similar band to do gigs together. But we'll manage it somehow...

New versions of these songs will be posted soon. We're going back in the studio this winter with bigger intentions now
I like your stuff! You've got a good mix of indie and punk going on there. Especially with the sort of Sex Pistols-esque vocals (something like that at least). Keep up the good work! Croatia, huh? How are the shows you guys put on there.

Also: check out my music!

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Thanks! That's what we were aiming for while we were recording

The shows are actually pretty good. You are guaranteed a good evening most of the time. The bands got what it takes but the promotion is bad. Record labels don't do nothing , cds don't sell and I think it's their fault. The only thing that is keeping the rock scene alive are those old bands from the 80's and some from the 90's. But we're tired of that. If it weren't for them we'd all probably be underground. Bad folk pop singers are crowding the scene, getting all the media coverage and with that all the money and attention... What can I say...

Thanks for checking us out!
Hey Boav! You sound good but you should invest more in your recordings. But the music is great

I need a bit of help. There is this demo band festival here in Croatia. It's really great and it gives a lot of bands a chance to hit it big. There is one problem, you have to be voted out by your fans or ordinary people. Since we don't have the kind of fan base as some of the other bands do, could you please please give us your vote?


We would be really grateful! We're somewhere around the bottom, just press GLASUJ.

Thank you very much!
Thanks to everyone who voted, we won the vote and we're playing one of the best clubs in Zagreb