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Could you possibly make me a distortion pedal that mimics the HOA Rust Ride Bass Driver with two foot clicks and have one of them be an oscillator with a variable knob for depth?
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A dual fuzz face/big muff pedal is certainly do-able. Here's a video of a fuzz face/big muff that I built for another user here a while ago:

What do you mean by ibanez maestro fuzz? I'll drop you a PM now to discuss more details

I'd be interested in a dual fuzz as well maybe. Vid link doesn't work for me though...
I'm looking for an overdrive/distortion, not really sure, but something really heavy, similar to Killswitch Engage, but also something cheap, so not that nice. Something that can give an overdrive but not the usual $150+. Let me know if you have any ideas
Could you possibly make a copy vintage big muff (v4)?
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This thread topic is gold. I've been on this website for 8 years and I've never come up with anything like this. So yeah. Great job TS[457undead].
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Could you possibly make a copy vintage big muff (v4)?

I certainly can, I will drop you a PM!