Hey UG community.

First of all thank you all for the wonderful community and all the help each and everyone provided, i really got alot of help from this website over the years.

Well, now to the subject of this thread. Iam currently planning on buying the new snakebyte LTD version since from what i've read there isn't so much of a difference between the ESP and LTD snakebyte except for the quality of the wood and finish so IMO its not worth the extra $2000 for it ( ofcourse i'm not that of an expert in guitars so if someone has more information about this then by all means enlighten me ).

so I would like to ask anyone who owns an LTD snakebyte to give me his/her opinion, is it worth the $1000 to spend?

and finally i searched everywhere on the net and couldn't find an answer, does the LTD version come with a C.O.A ( Certificate of Authenticity) ? i know the ESP one does.

thanks in advance for the help.
Even though I absolutely love James, I wouldn't buy one. For $1000 you can do better than an LTD, especailly because of the whole signature model dea.

Look into a used Gibson Explorer, you can probably swing one for less and have money for EMG's like James uses (though I wouldnt put EMG's in a Gibson Explorer).

And welcome to UG.
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thanks for the reply mate.

well as i would love to have something designed by james himself but still practicality> any brand, so is there some specific explorer you think might be right for me? and could you give me some detail about the snakebyte as to why its not worth it? since the whole net is going nuts about the over the snakebyte guitar.

keep in mind that i love james' style and guitar sound so the closer to his play style the better and i'm still not a pro guitarist and have a long way to go so this guitar i'm buying will be mostly used for practice, thats why i thought of getting a hetfield guitar so i grow my skill on the same specs james uses. I used to play flamenco, although i love metal but i also appreciate every kind of art i find, and now i went back to the electric guitar phase
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WARNING: Wall of text below!

I don't know if you could find an old pre-lawsuit ESP Explorer, which James has used many of, obviously before the lawsuit. He also has used some Gibson explorers, but not as much as he uses ESP's. But if you want something DESIGNED by James, the Snakebyte is your only option. I've seen Gibson USA standard explorer's go used from anywhere in 800-1000 bucks, so you're in good shape there, and if you still want something designed by James, he's got a new signature set of EMG's out (That have pole pieces, which is awesome) that you could throw in there. And his sound is going to be mainly influenced by your amp, don't expect that getting his signature guitar means that you will sound like him. You'll need a lot more than $1000 to do that.
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yeah i know that the sound depends on the effects and the amp more than the guitar itself. What i meant was that i would like to play the same specs he likes to play, like U neck for example and use the same specs of a guitar he prefers. I know i'll need a ton of equipments to get his sound, maybe sound wasn't the best word to use, lets say his "feel" if you get what i mean?

his emg pickups are awesome but i think i'm gonna stick with the 81/60 combo since those are what gave him his old sound

problem with used guitars is that i'm going to be ordering online since i live in jordan ( Middle east ) and not the USA so its a bit risky to get one without playing it myself and checking it out for any damages.

so thats why i think the snakebyte is a good deal since it has his prefered specs all in one, from the pick ups to the wood used to the neck shape and action of the strings ...etc.

still my question about the snakebyte... is it really that bad? or worth it?

P.S. i looked around the net and found these but i'm not that good when it comes to gibson specs

( http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-GIB-DSVP-JJBC1-LIST )
( http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-GIB-SGSP-LIST )
( http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-GIB-SGG2-SEBC1-LIST )
( http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-ESP-ECLIPSEII-LIST ) <--- seriously considering the eclipse... it costs more than what i originally planned but i think i may be able to cash out the extra 600

as i said i might be a james fanboy but if there is a better guitar than his snakebyte for me then i'll get it instead. after all i wouldn't just copy him blindly or else i would've got the truckster or some other replica. What i want is to get his feel for a guitar
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buy a used gibson explorer for 700-800 (they go for that all day in my area) and buy the signature set of EMG picups to put in it.

if you install them yourself, itll end up being just ver 1000$ i think.

also, the edsp eclipse is a great guitar, but make sure you play that or something similar before you buy it becasue although it looks like a les paul, its pretty thin and light. but still a good guitar either way
well as i said i cant risk it. since whatever i'll buy is going to be shipped overseas to me so no chance to try it before i buy it. gotta get something new.

hmmm about the eclipse 2... the big plus is that its an ESP not an LTD. the snakebyte ESp costs around $3000-$4000 i think and its just not worth it. but the eclipse is an ESP and for 1600 i feel its a good buy. what do you think? ltd snakebyte or esp eclipse 2?

thanks in advance friend.
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I have an ESP Truckster. Basically, it's an Eclipse II with modifications that Hetfield made. It's really very nice, and I'd expect the Eclipse to be just as good. I really dig the Snakebyte, and if you really love the shape, go for it. But, as other people have mentioned, you could always try and find a used one on eBay or something, and put in some EMG. You mentioned the 81/60 combo, but have you seen The new JH Signature EMG's? They're basically 81/60 p'ups with some tweaks that Hetfield made.
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I don't exactly know why you'd want his exact specs, because they might not feel right to you, but whatever floats your boat. And the ESP Eclipse II is a really nice guitar, which James has also used. I'd go for one of those.

And about the Snakebyte, its not a bad guitar by any means, its just that its a signature model (which you pay for) and its an LTD. LTD's are nice guitars and all, but at $1000 you can get better craftsmanship.
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If you want one then just get it. They're nice guitars, played one for a couples hours before.
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i couldnt Justify spending that much on the Snakebyte. Just felt kinda cheap to me, with very basic features. And the plain white finish makes it look cheap and toyish to me. Personally, i think you would be well off with anything from the 1000 line up. If you can get that Eclipse, go for it man. Its a beast of a guitar
so from what i'm reading it seems that the eclipse 2 wins. hmmm i might go for it after all. but can anyone please tell me if the snakebyte LTD version comes with a C.O.A. ? just out of curiosity because i've been looking around for a long time and no one seems to have an answer.

i'm watching and reading some reviews about the eclipse II and it seems a really solid guitar and would be lasting alot more than an LTD snakebyte. i'll probably swap the EMGs with the new JH set. anyone can give me some input about it ? and btw is the gold hardware actual gold or just a color??

and thanks to everyone, you all have been very helpfull, truly appreciate it.
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