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This is probably my best song yet, and it's somewhat different from what I usually do.

It's a bit more clean than distorted for example. I hope you'll enjoy it.

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Bar 7 totally reminded me of Colour space by House vs hurricane :P
This is good but, i like it
sounds cool you should make a good demo out of it, record real guitar, use a couple of good plugins for drums, strings, piano, possibly bass if you dont have an actual bass...
It's really good. I love how you always manage to make non-standard structures work.

I thought Running 'ran' a bit long, loved Transition A.

Solo 2 was really good.

Everything else was good as well =P
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This is probably the best thing I've seen on this board in a long time.

It reminds me of a way more progressive Insomnium. The thing I really like about it is that all of the timing and stuff seems very natural. Everything is really well integrated and incorporated.

Props for both solos. Both solos are excellent; the note choice and melodic content makes them very memorable. Keep it up on the solos. They're way better than most other peoples solos on this board.

I really really love all the big chords you used as well, especially how they were used on that first dirty riff after Transition A. And the higher variation on the melody at the end is excellent.

However, the one thing I'll say is the end doesnt really work for me. I'd extend that higher variation for a few more repeats [with variations on it in the drums or something], and either fade it out or get into something that works better for an ending... I think part of the issue is that F# you end on doesnt really work. It should stay with the minor tone of the higher part...

Otherwise, very well done. If'n you wanna crit one of mine I'd suggest the Doom one in my sig.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

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This is sexy stuff sir. Reminds me of AAL. Not any song by them particularly, but i thought of them while listening. Planning on recording this??
Amazing stuff. By any chance has this stuff been influenced by some band? I'd really like to hear more music like this
Critting as I listen:

Setting Pace: Its a good little intro.

Pace Set: Very awesome, love the lead!

Everything from Differ to Almost the same is really good.

Searching and Running are epic! Remind me alot of "On Impulse" by Animals as Leaders

Transition A is just Godlike

Melody: I will keep this song in my folders and listen to it every once in a while if not just for this one part... man it is freaking brilliant!

Solo: Pretty much perfect.

Feels the same: Great way to advance this riff!

Embracing pt2, Solo 2 and Embrace pt1 and 2: I hate you... I wish I could come up with stuff like this....

The Ending is the only thing in this song I would change, I think a Fade out would end this song better, or a similar one, but doesn't come as suddenly, because this sounds really random.

Almost a perfect song, one of the best on this forum. 9.7/10 just because of the ending

If you could C4C, heres a link to some of my songs: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1460759
Intro is nice, and I like the phrasing using used on that original chord. The Solo over it fits great, and gives a good sound. I couldn't help but notice the bass playing as the material develops, and I liked the use of the synth chords.

I like the chord at 27, really great section in general. I love the use of accidentals at 40, and the use of piano at the transition was awesome.

When the Overdrive guitar came in I brought up the mixer, and it absolutely amazed me that you didn't split any channels for any of the instruments, and yet still have an astoudingly layered song. I would suggest double tracking and channel splitting the overdrive guitar though, and just reduce the volumes slightly.

On a side note, I really liked the use of reprisals in this, and the first note at 114 was like "BOOM". Mind blown, even though its just a modulation, I thought it was completely awesome.

Overall, great chord choice and phrasing, very epic and embracing sound throughout. Great contrasts and tension balances, and great use of dynamics.

Really great and proffessional piece, and the only thing I would alter is the ending. I really just wanted it to fade out on the chord at 118. If you intend it to go into another piece, so be it, its not my song, but then end just sort of just flips me off.

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I saved this song onto my guitar pro because everything about it is freaking inspiring. It is the best guitar pro song I've ever heard from this site. Props on the whole thing!

P.S, I would love to hear a recording of this piece.