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So do I. I think Frusciante is the best guitarist of all. Nice to know that someone else believes he's the greatest May I ask if you believe that leaving Red Hot Chili Peppers band is good for him? Or you like that? Please answer me. I'll be waiting for your opinion
(Y) I agree with the guy. killerbunny11 do you believe leaving RHCP band was good for John, you like it or you believe it was right? Well I think RHCP are not the same anymore. I believe if there's not Frusciante there's no RHCP. I don't mean Josh Klinghoffer isn't a worthy guitarist. But he's not like John and never will be. RHCP are coming in my country this September man! And Johnny wan't be with 'em! I'm so So tell me what you think.
If I had to list 5:

1. Rush, my favorite band of all time. 3 geniuses. Not much needs to be said. Hemispheres is my favorite album of all time.

2. Dream Theater, that band and specifically Petrucci really inspired my guitar playing. Images and Words might be my favorite album of all time next to Hemispheres.

3. Nightwish, Holopainen is a genius. Very personal and well written lyrics, and the great vocal duo of Tarja and Marco.

4. Opeth. Usually not a death metal fan, but there's just something about them that I love. Mikael is a great vocalist and songwriter. Their songs can be so progressive, creative and different. Really great band that isn't afraid to do something new.

5. Porcupine Tree. Another great prog band. Steven Wilson is another great singer and guitarist that's so creative with what he does. Deadwing is in my top 5 favorite albums. Just a great band.
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my most favorite artist are Taylor swift and Enrique Iglesias

Rock? Enrique Iglesias
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Jimi Hendrix
Eric Clapton
Black Sabbath

good list
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All time: KISS; Iron Maiden; Black Sabbath

Currently; Brad Paisley; ZZ Top; Third Day
Aerosmith and Van Halen are my top two, then probably Guns N' Roses, KISS, and AC/DC round out my top five.
A like Thunder from Under. It's mr. Frank Gambale. Today he is more Fusion and Jazz music player but his early works of melodic music and blues is really tasty. Frank Gambale is one of my favorites
Guns 'N Roses when i was a little kid i would always hear GnR in my house. then i had a couple of other favorite bands but it always comes back to them, Slash is so amazing that it's almost worth to get homosexual.
I cant believe no one has mentioned Dick Dale in this thread. He's one of the all time greats, his style is pretty much the precursor to Heavy Metal and he worked closely with Leo Fender and pushed the limits of electric amplification technology, helping to develop new equipment that was capable of producing distorted, "thick, clearly defined tones" at "previously undreamed-of volumes."

Look him up on youtube i cant post the link for some reason.
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Out of the most known artists, my favorites would be either The Beatles, The Beach Boys, or Bob Dylan.

Obvious reasons for the Beatles and Bob Dylan. The Beach Boys are really popular but no one I know really knows about SMiLE, which I think would've been the greatest album of all time, given if it would've been released back in 1967.

For somewhat not as popular bands, my favorites would be Velvet Underground, Big Star, or Modest Mouse (being their early stuff).
I was a little kid in the 70's, but my older brother brought home stuff like Aerosmith, Queen, Nazareth, Deep Purple, Joe Walsh, Led Zeppelin...all kinds of great stuff.

I still love all of that, but loved the NWOBHM bands and the Seattle stuff as well. Nu-Metal...not so much.
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