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oh I dunno why the 7" is just credited to "Laura Stevenson" that is weird & annoying (b/c of library sorting & stuff - now my has Laura Stevenson & the Cans, Laura Stevenson and the Cans, and Laura Stevenson; jfc get it together, grrrl). didn't realize that before.

but anyway my 7" came yesterday & it is so good.
yeah i just put it under "laura stevenson and the cans" for the sake of scrobbling consistency; you've gotta have yr priorities in order.
So the album has been up in full on Spotify for a while.
Only just getting around to listening to it now, because they've been promoting it quite a bit on Facebook lol.

edit: It's not... quite what I expected. Kind of underwhelming
Maybe it just takes a few listens, or i'm just not into this style much anymore, but it feels almost a bit too noise rock-y, has a ton ton ton of string sections, and just feels too "big" overall.
Though the second half of the album is super good. I love The Move, and the album closer/title track is just fantastic.
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