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Said it in the TGA thread, but I just realized this was here. Really dig the album. Don't like it as much as American Slang, yeah I think Slang beats '59 Sound deal with it, but it's really really great. The only reason I don't like it as much as some of the other stuff is the lyrics I don't think are as good. Instrumentation and his vocals are the best Brian's ever done. And lyrically, Behold the Hurricane is my favorite from any TGA or HC.
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I'm in love as well. Save for maybe two songs (Go Tell Everybody, Mary Ann) the rest is beautiful and nearly a perfect album for me. In my mind, 59 Sound > Elsie > The rest of Fallon
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whole album rules get on it bud. and for hey rosetta!

ps check out the weakerthans if you havent already
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