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Sup people!

I have a question for you guys that have seen or own Chris Letchfords (Scale the summit) technique book. Is it a good book worth of buying?

He is an amazing technical player and i love their music so i thought since he got good technique the book must be good, but i want to make sure.

Thanks in advance.

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Never heard of a technique book from them. I got the tab book for "The Collective" though, that was definitely worth it.
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I took a look through it at their merch table a few months ago, and it looked pretty sweet. I would get it if I had some extra money to spend.
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Okay, It's been a little while since you posted this question, but I have the book. I think it's worth it. Just don't expect it to teach you anything about theory and writing. It is simply a book of (challenging) exercises.
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Thank you very much for the 2 newer answears.
I do own rock dicipline and it´s very good, i actully ordered this book 3 days ago. Together with Desert canyons and the collective tab books.

Cheers though!
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I love the technique book personally, extremely informative and fun to learn.

I just recently got my copy of The Migration - I hope to find tabs for this album soon too! This album is soooo good. My favorite out of their releases thus far!