I have listened to a lot of new prog metal bands, and most of them sound the exact same to me. Are there any new melodic prog metal bands that don't use growls? I'm looking for something similar to Dream Theater's earlier albums. By new, I mean the band's formation was in the past 5 years.
I recomend you listen to Protest the Hero. Not quite what you're looking for, but I promise you it's better then what you're looking for
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Mastodon's last album, and the one that's coming out soon both fit the bill.

Also, Hammers of Misfortune. Listen to them, they ****ing rock.

Don't Mastodon scream? I heard one of their old songs and it sounded like nothing but screaming. I'll check out Hammers of Misfortune and Protest the Hero.
If you want no screaming listen to thier newest album, but its all good dude. PTH that is
just give me a fender and let me rip
Redemption are awesome, quite DT-ish and no screaming at all.

Shattered Skies might be worth a look, there's a bit of screaming but it's not the focus at all, you might also get along with Haken, I can't remember if there's any screaming but it's just bloody good so you should listen anyway.
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Pagan's Mind and Fair to Midland. Fair to Midland screams occasionally, but its more like a roar than a scream or a growl. It sounds really cool, and you'll likely find it quite agreeable. It only happens like twice an album anyway.
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Someone mentioned Haken above. Haken is incredible. Their first album has trace amounts of growls, only in one song. Highly recommend them.
Sky Architect and Sieges Even are great, not sure if it´s prog "metal" though.
If you are looking for more technical and experimental prog, i reccomend Liquid Tension Experiment, Soen, Martone, and Planet X.