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So I got the bright idea to take some dielectric grease, the kind we use in automotive to make better connections, and make them last longer against weathering on things like spark plugs, and light bulbs, and stick it on the end of a cable, and lube up the input jack ends. I figured, hey, since my jacks are all scratchy, and loosing contact due to being dirty, why not put some conductive grease on there, it would ensure a clean connection every time...

And it worked! Beautifully. All the scratchy jacks and jacks I constantly had to clean were fixed, no more problems.

Discuss the benefits, if you've ever heard of this before, and the consequences of doing so (if there are any).
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Never tried it. I would be concerned that it would just cause more dirt to collect.
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I would too. Grease is usually meant for enclosed or sealed apparatuses because it picks up dirt and dust so well. For dirty pots and jacks, I'd use contact cleaner. Plus, if you get too much grease going on it could short the jack or pot out.
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I don't see why it wouldn't be a good idea from some setups. I have a number of pedals on my board that are constantly plugged in, I think grease would be great for those guys!