we are a metal band from Manila, Philippines
taking influences from Dream Theater, Between the Buried and Me, Lamb of God, August Burns Red, The Human Abstract, Blotted Science, Scale the Summit, Texas in July and all the awesome local and international independent bands out there you guys are A W E S O M E!

Benjo Ferrer : Vocals
Rafael de Leon "PING" : Guitar
J.A Lim : Guitar
Carlo Dela Pena : Bass
Matt De Mesa : Drums

"Oh Man Oh God is one of the greatest Prog Death acts that I have ever heard and they have a lot of potential and power in their music."
-Two guys Metal Reviews


Elizabeth Bathory: Blood and Vengeance - new vocal track
we've got a new vocalist, the previous left the band for some reason
new vocal track sounds daaaaamn sick! check it out visit our facebook BandPage


reviews from signmetoroadrunner

Very precised playing. Weird but unique sound of the rhythm section, maybe too many high frequencies, but the mix is clear. Your rhythmic structures are complicated and you execute them well. 1.26: Awesome bridge & entry in that transient part. 2.00: Nice modern groove spiced up by blast beat runs, all played very well. The following part is a firework of interesting licks. I dig how you combine the parts, the entries are conclusive. 3.40: Reminds of coroner of the 90s. 4.05: Sick march, very catchy (voice) and athmospheric (lead line). 4.35: Sudden change, OK, it goes for sort of progressive stuff. 5.20: Angry part , full of energy. 5.50: At first the bass seemed to be a bit "naked", but by the adding of this awesome volume poti lead line it goes into another dimension, but what comes afterwards is simply awesome. I love this lead sound. The bass works here like a lead instrument, the percussive clean guitars are just mixed a bit "clippy". 8.20: You pick up the athmosphere by putting up chords with blast beat fills. Interesting work of the lead guitar, but be careful with the scales. 9.16: Great explosion, but what the **** does Slash doing here :-) ?
Very interesting stuff, with some corrections in the mix it could shine even more !
- oldmaninexilum

i know the production level is low, but i wont dwell on that... we all know it so lets move on.
musically it seems good. its tight sounding.
there is some very good guitar licks in there. there sounds like some chromatic runs in there which works in this music, but personally i prefer diatonic runs, they just suit me better... nice work.
the vocals arent my type of thing, but they do seem reasonably performed.
i definitely think there is some solid stuff in there.
as with many of us. give it all a good polish and let it shine
-Dixie steve

Teaser tracks of our Frank the Pusher Trilogy!
part 1 : Dreamless Existence
part 2 : Actions
part 3 : A Temporary Corpse (to be recorded)


Live Youtube Videos

Frank the Pusher Trilogy pt.1 : Dreamless Existence

Frank the Pusher Trilogy pt.2 : Actions

Elizabeth Bathory: Blood and Vengeance

Satellite Arms

Demo Videos

Here is a new Draft riff that I created, (first minute)
it'll be one of the "new songs to be" ng OMOG

Untitled -- (riff set #1)




you can also view our live videos and other demos in our facebook page.
visit our page and help us spread our music \m/



Check out our ReverbNation page!

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Gave yous a like, and I'll let folk know about yous. Really cool name!

Would you mind repaying the favour, and giving us a listen and a like here:


liked the page and I really LIKE the band!
playing your songs right now

thanks man!
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Usually I think band names like are stupid. But I actually really like yours. Music is pretty tasty as well.

. i understand, it wasnt my fault that we had this name haha anyway we had no choice a lot of people already know us by that name and changing it could be a bad idea.. but hey I think its somewhat "unique"
thanks man!
Happy new year!!

we would like to thank each and everyone of you who supported us this year. 2011 was a bit rough for us but hey! A new year is coming! New songs coming up and our 1st album finally! We would also like to thank our brothers from Il Nomine Patris, Dark Crayola! and Ophidia! Thank you also to the people of Tower of Doom! And of course, to the productions who invited us to play. Stay tuned for more stuff from us!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! \m/

so here's a little something for you guys to kick start your 2012!!!

new videos from our gig last feb.3 2012

Frank the Pusher Trilogy Pt. 1: Dreamless Existence(2-3-11)

Frank the Pusher Trilogy Pt. 2: Actions(2-3-11)

Oh Man! Oh God! : Satellite Arms Demo Playthrough

3-minute playthrough demo of our song Satellite Arms.

*no vocals
*amplitube tracks

Drums, bass and other guitar parts are recorded at Tower of Doom Studios
I recorded my own track and layered it on this recording.


Hey guys,
We are also on bandcamp.com!

you can listen and download our track; Elizabeth Bathory: Blood and Vengeance for free! or you can hit up any amount that you want if you wish to donate (lol)

Check it out now! https://omog.bandcamp.com/track/elizabeth-bathory-blood-and-vengeance

Support Filipino Prog-Metal! Cheers \m/