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Hey guys !
I'm a guitarist and I just created a youtube channel. I play mostly Rock/Hard Rock and I like to do rock goes pop songs medley, so here's the link to my channel, take a look if you want and leave a like if you enjoyed !

Thank you !

My channel:
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Hi friends! You can find me at
17 year old singer/songwriter from San Diego, California
Drop a like @ and leave a personal message. Will return likes ASAP!

Maybe have a listen to our upcoming EP as well \m/
hey guys ... here's our facebook page ... alternative rock :
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Hi guys!

We are a brand new five piece progressive metal band from Stockholm, Sweden and are looking to get the word out.

It has been a two year long endeavor to write and record our concept album Remnants. The release marks the first chapter in the story of Symmetrica; a sci-fi epic, mixing modern metal with the best of old-school prog.

You can stream it on Youtube:

And follow us on:
I wish I was in on this day 1 haha. Great idea. I came here to make a similar post regarding spotify likes (everyone helps each other to get to the 250 needed for uppin bios and pics, etc...).

If you wanna give my band a LIKE on Facebook that'd be great. We're from Philly and alot of promoters look at how many likes you have before they'll book you for good shows or good nights. If anyone does like the page ill definitely like yours back. That's the only way the ideas really gonna work right?

We have music, pics, an video up at

And while I'm here, I might as well mention if you follow us on spotify Ill 100% follow back -