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Hey guys !
I'm a guitarist and I just created a youtube channel. I play mostly Rock/Hard Rock and I like to do rock goes pop songs medley, so here's the link to my channel, take a look if you want and leave a like if you enjoyed !

Thank you !

My channel:
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Cheyenne Benton
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Hi friends! You can find me at
17 year old singer/songwriter from San Diego, California
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Drop a like @ and leave a personal message. Will return likes ASAP!

Maybe have a listen to our upcoming EP as well \m/
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hey guys ... here's our facebook page ... alternative rock :
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I'm in a band called Arkajiva an Ambient/Shoegaze/Alternative rock band from East Jakarta.
Here is our Page:
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Hi guys!

We are a brand new five piece progressive metal band from Stockholm, Sweden and are looking to get the word out.

It has been a two year long endeavor to write and record our concept album Remnants. The release marks the first chapter in the story of Symmetrica; a sci-fi epic, mixing modern metal with the best of old-school prog.

You can stream it on Youtube:

And follow us on: