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Band is called Sights and Sages here is a link to one of our songs:

We are in a contest to open up for Blink 182 in San Diego so any love helps!


Hi we are a band from Chile, we would like to show you our music, you can visit our page
Thanks! this is one of our songs.

and you can listen to us here
Please give us a like if you can! We could definitely need it.
I just discovered this sub-forum; there's some neat stuff.

My band is rather new and still trying to get the ball rolling. Give us a like if you want to hear some good ol' Hard Rock from Canada eh! (I had to say it).
It'd be cool to spread things further. Here's my band's page, we post some rehearsal footage and gig footage pretty regularly around gigs, so it's not a complete waste of time. Mix of metal and hardcore punk.

If you'd like to listen to some of our music, I've made a new playlist out of our demos.
We're a Hard rock band from Aberdeen Scotland. influenced by bands like clutch and Sabbath.. riffs n grooves by the shedload!

please check us out -
Check out my new band-project. Music is like my tabs dirty rotten death metal late 80s style:
Hey guys ! That's my band's facebook page, please like it !
Be yourself !
I'll promise to like back everyone that gives a thumb! too much work to go thru all pages.

Cheers , -Maake
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thx, send me a message on FB so I know where to like back
Be yourself !
Hello, rock musician looking forward to fingering all of you

Also got twitter if any of you hang out there:
Now he sees the forest for the trees
Now he touches just enough to feel

Kinda groovy metal. A little prog, a little djent, a little metal core, tasteful solos.
Hi guys. We are a new Brighton based hard rock/ punk band
Hit like and we shall return the favour!
You can check out a recent EP here -
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Just released a solo album and I am going to start gigging it! Done the band thing but gone solo for a little

Would love to check out other bands so chuck me a like and ill listen to you