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Hi we are a band from Chile, we would like to show you our music, you can visit our page
Thanks! this is one of our songs.
I just discovered this sub-forum; there's some neat stuff.

My band is rather new and still trying to get the ball rolling. Give us a like if you want to hear some good ol' Hard Rock from Canada eh! (I had to say it).
It'd be cool to spread things further. Here's my band's page, we post some rehearsal footage and gig footage pretty regularly around gigs, so it's not a complete waste of time. Mix of metal and hardcore punk.

If you'd like to listen to some of our music, I've made a new playlist out of our demos.

Kinda groovy metal. A little prog, a little djent, a little metal core, tasteful solos.
My project's name is Oh The Ezekiel.
Here's a full EP stream on my Youtube:

I also have activity on the following sites:
All can be found through just searching, "Oh The Ezekiel"
I've been part of ultamite-guitar for a while but just started using the community message boards so I wanted to go ahead and post my bands Facebook.
We just recently released our first EP you can stream on our website which we just got up as well. Also available on Spotify Amazon and iTunes
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Hey everyone! Check out Maelstrom Vale here:

Anyways, f you recognize our name, it's probably because we got (very deservedly) bashed around the web on places like MetalSucks and DangerousMinds for the 
that we called a music video, 
that we released last summer. Check that out here to laugh, I guess
Anyways, judge us on the new stuff, we will be releasing our EP on July 21! 
 Fender 6g15 blackaface spring - tube reverb point to point handcrafted replica. 
Tubes: 6N2P-ER russian military. There is possibilityof change tubes to 12AX7 or 12AT7 or 7025. 
Reverb tank Accutronics. TAD and Sizei transformes 230/115V. NOS 70's capacitors perfect matched,
Sprague carbon resistors, like in original unit. Incredible sound at unbelievable price. Check out the demo.
Hey guys, we're Yardlander. Just formed, and gonna be playing a couple of shows in London UK

You can listen to an early leak of our new single here!
Coming out Spotify, iTunes etc on July 15th!

Page for our big show @ Nambucca, supporting Secret Cameras
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