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How do you like the Corgan Strat? I've modded my Strat with the same pups except for the bridge which is a lil' 59. I love it.

I'm enjoying it immensely, I play everything from blues to metal on it. The pickups have serious balls yet there is something slightly Strat-like in the sound. And the fixed bridge is great for me as I don't care for tremolos. Saves the work of blocking the trem. I actually wrote a review of the guitar to the reviews section of this site, it sums up my feelings.
I have a lame excuse for a guitar history, but I'll list it anyway. Anything marked with a star after it means I still own it.

Unnamed $30 nylon-string acoustic* (I'm only keeping this so I can smash it at a concert someday)
Ocean Strat copy (sold that a while ago, it suuuucked.
ESP LTD M-100FM (lasted me a while, then I sold it to a friend)
B.C. Rich Deluxe Warlock (it was actually pretty good for the price, but I got rid of that one recently)
Epiphone AJ (?) acoustic* (it was dirt cheap, but it plays like a dream)
Jay Turser JT-50 Custom* (I thought it would work...I was wrong...)
B.C. Rich Pro X Mockingbird* (this is my baby, sadly needs its bridge replaced)
Gibson SG Special Faded* (my most recent guitar, it's loud as ****)

Line 6 Spider IV 15* (I know, I know...)

Line 6 FBV Express MKII*
Morley Maverick Switchless Wah* (I almost never use this)
Morpheus Droptune* (I never use this, I'll probably be selling it soon)

Gear that I'm hoping to get in the next 2 years:
Blackstar HT Stage 60
Tone Americana Evil Robot
Gibson Midtown Custom
Some sort of 7-string (not sure what yet)
I am sorry for anything I created on this forum in 2012. Including my pretentious username.
My first guitar was I guess my dad's Fender Jazzmaster. (I have been playing bass for a few years before that) I just picked it up and tried playing, and asked for my own for Christmas.

Unfortunately, my dad went with what he thought looked cool (instead of the ones I asked for :P ) and got a BC Rich Warlock Bronze Series. I played that through a Lyon amp (ew) til I replaced that amp with my dad's old Fender Champ amp which I ran with a distortion pedal.

Eventually the guitar got replaced with my lovely Curry, my Jackson Dinky. A while later, bought my Peavey Vypyr. Now, current day, I just got my 7 string, and... yea. That's it.
Original 1969 Fender Jazzmaster
Jackson JS32R Dinky "Curry"
Jackson Stars Kelly "Aiko"
Ormsby SX6 prototype
Dingwall NG-2 "Kimmy"
MiM Fender Jazz Bass "Pancho"
EVH 5153
Crappy acoustic that was in the house
Ibanez GRG121 included with it was a Ibanez amp.
Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal.
Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah.
Cort CE5 classical guitar.
Fender Mustang III amp
Dimarzio Tone Zone and Air Norton pickups for my Ibanez
Custom made guitar from Warmoth.
Holy Grail reverb pedal.
Focusrite audio interface
Pro Tools 10, Ableton live 8, Logic Pro
Kontakt plugins including Guitar Rig 5
Shure SM58 mic
Seinheisser E-609 mic

Next on my list is a Blue Bluebird mic.
If Rock is a life-style, then Metal's an addiction


Of The

UG Challenge

Rocktron R10
Cube 30
Vox Valvetronix 15
Cage Corsa *
Marshall Studio 15
Fuchs Lucky 7
Vox AC4
Polytone Mini-Brute (x2)*

Cort G210
Washburn WI64DL
Gibson LP Standard *
Fender/Warmoth Strat
MIM Telecaster
Kalamazoo Melody Maker
Fender/Sunn fretless
Gibson Robot SG
Gibson Goth SG
Rice Custom tele
Gretsch Black Falcon
Edwards Strat*

Big Muff Pi
DOD Milk Box Compressor
Danelectro Wasabi OD
Crybaby 535Q
Boss CS-3
Boss RC-2
Digitech Clapton
Lovepedal Eternity
EHX Soul Preacher
Lovepedal White Dragon*
Lovepedal Believe
Lovepedal Boost
Lovepedal COT50
Teese Wheels of Fire
Akai Headrush II
Zvex SHO Clone *
Digitech Hardwire Reverb
EB Volume
Thomas Organ Crybaby*
Cusack Tap-A-Delay
TC Flashback*
TC Hall of Fame*
BJF Forest Green Compressor*
Boss DD20
Boss DD-6
Ibanez WH-10 V2
Hermida Mosferatu
Hermida Zendrive
Greer Tone Smuggler
Pigtronix Tremvelope*
Pederson Strobostomp
Keeley Java Boost
Earthquaker White Light
Empress MultiDrive
Analogman King of Tone*
Sonic Research ST-200*

Probably missed a few things but that's most of it.
Some crappy strat copy a friend lend me to start learning the guitar
Some Bogey crappy small amp i got from the same friend
zoom multi-fx

Then I started getting my own gear:

Jackson RR3 Rhandy Rhoads
Marshall Valvestate vs230
Boss ML-2 Metalcore
Korg ax1550g multifx

Bought an Epiphone Tommy Iommi Signature from a friend

So far the heavier type music period.

The next period started when I found a Red Squier strat in a sort of pawn shop which sells mostly furniture and had this one stacked somewhere in the back. I modded it and it is now my most precious guitar. Beats my bandmate's MIM strat without breaking a sweat.
Started a band for playing old rock like Oasis, Dire Straits, blabla, so all my other gear is related to this:

Boss CS-3
Boss NS-2
Boss ST-2
Digitech Bad Monkey
Fame Sweet Tone Equilizer
Electro-Harmonix Nano Switchblade
Fender MIM Strat
Aria acoustic guitar with nylon strings
Eko classical acoustic guitar

And the latest: Vox AC30C2
Changed my post to reflect that my Fernandes Ravelle Elite arrived today...

The deliveryman was supposed to get my signature, but just rang the doorbell and left it on the porch. GRRR!

So far, it looks and feels very nice, and even unplugged, rings out Nicely when played. Looking forward to trying it out once it acclimated to the house's temperature.
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Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

Log off and play yer guitar!

Strap on, tune up, rock out!
Kasuga classical from a long time ago... with 40yr old strings.
Squire Cyclone + Stagg CA10 amp (my god that amp is terrible)
Yamaha SG200, found in a basement, had fret work done and is now quite nice.
VHT Special 6 Ultra

I'v not been playing long so this is doing me fine... I would really like a strat though.

Behringer Strat Copy
Squier Fat Strat
Squier Vintage Modified '51
Yamaha RG...something or other...
Fender Classic Player '50s Strat
Jackson DK2
Squier Vintage Modified '51
Fender Classic Player '60s Strat
Squier Silver Series Strat
Epiphone G400
Squier Classic Vibe Strat
Fender '62 Telecaster Custom Reissue


Behringer AC108
Epiphone Valve Jr.
Marshall JCM900 High-Gain Dual-Reverb
Laney VC15
Laney Lionheart LH5
Blackstar HT-20
Vox Lil' Night Train


Boss DS-2
Behringer Reverb
Zoom G2
Vox Tonelab SE (or LE...don't remember)
MI Audio Neo Fuzz
Electro Harmonix Neo Clone

In case you can't guess, I quite like Strats...

I regret getting rid of some of those things, though.
my rig history is pretty much just a constant growth since i never sell gear, i just somehow end up with more and more.

So here's a condensed history of stuff i've gigged/recorded with:

1998 - first performance - solo acoustic on a cheap serenata classical guitar.
2006 - epiphone SG/squier telecaster, Vox AD50VT
2007 - recording rig - fender cyclone, boss DS-2, Laney VC30
2008 - Ibanez JTK2, boss DS-2, Borrowed Fender deluxe reverb (i loved that thing!)
2009 - Epiphone Sheraton/Fender Jazzmaster, an ungodly amount of pedals, Laney VC30
2010 - Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster, Borrowed Marshall JVM combo/Laney VC30, once again an ungodly amount of pedals, until october when i decided i was a dumbass for using so many pedals and stripped my board back to the bare necessities.
early 2011 - gibson les paul, burny SG, fender tele, Laney VC30 with a boss DS-2, a marshall JH-1, EHX small stone, marshall compressor... Or straight into an orange AD30
2011 - 1973 gibson SG standard, Fender telecaster, Danelectro DC-12 - Same amps/pedals, although occasionally i got to use my cousin's silverface fender twin.
2012 - '73 gibson SG/'79 hagstrom super swede/fender tele, same pedals, Laney VC30 or borrowed Orange AD30 or Marshall JCM800 (yeah, i borrow a lot of amps!)
Summer 2012 - bit of a mini-tour, my rig was my gibson les paul, fender tele, and fret king esprit III, into a HH VS-musician and harley benton G212 with vintage 30s - i also brought a HH IC100 along as a backup. For one off local gigs, Gibson SG + Flynn OC44 treble booster into my trusty old Laney VC30
October 2012 recording rig - '79 Hagstrom Super Swede, '73 Gibson SG, Flynn OC44 Treble booster, Orange OD80.

Yeah, my rig changes a lot.
Rig Winter 2017:

Fender Jazzmaster/Yamaha SG1000
Boss TU-3, DS-2, CS-3, EHX small stone, Danelectro delay
Laney VC30-112 with G12H30 speaker, or Session Rockette 30 for smaller gigs
Elixir Nanoweb 11-49 strings, Dunlop Jazz III XL picks
Shure SM57 mic in front of the amp
First guitar: Epiphone Les Paul 100

First Amp: 15W Traynor

Pedals: Boss MT2
Boss DD1
Boss PH4 (I think that's what it's called)
Morley Bad Horsie II
Digitec Whammy WH1

Other guitars:
2005 Gibson Firebird Studio
3 junk fair game guitars
2009/2010 Schecter Jeff Loomis 7 FR
2011 Schecter Limited Edition 35th Anniversary C-1
1987 ESP "The Phoenix" (pre-lawsuit)

Old Amps: Marshall AVT 50

Current Amp: Ashdown Fallen Angel

Forthcoming equipment: Ignition Custom 7 string Firebird!

That's it... I think.
Current Rig:
Gibson Firebird Studio
Limited Edition Schecter 35th Anniversary C-1
Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature 7 FR
Ashdown Fallen Angel
Custom 7 Firebird from Ignition Custom Guitars (check them out)
ESP Phoenix
Ibanez GAX70 (first guitar!)
Line 6 Spider 4 (first amp!)

Jackson Warrior JS30
Ibanez RG2EX1 w/ Blackouts
Marshall C410b Cab
1990 Ibanez Ex Series
Jet City JCA100h
Peavey Ultra Plus
Mesa 2x12 w/ V30s
Marshall JCM900 4x12

1986 Aria Pro ZZ
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Modded Jackson RR24

Danelectro Cool Cat Drive (OCD Clone)
Boss DS-1
Line 6 Pod HD500
MXR 10-Band EQ
Ibanez TS-9

I think that's everything!!
Samick 3/4 Strat... returned it a few weeks later...
Jay turser Explorer... "First guitar" heavily modified with blue evh stripes and pickup swap.
Vox AD15VR amp... actual first amp
MXR EVH phase 90
Home made EVH Wolfgang, built it in shop class!
Peavey 6505+ amp plus matching cab
Home made custom shaped explorer guitar
Korg Pitch Black Tuner
Tc Electronics G-Major
Voodoo Labs Ground control pro
MXR Carbon Copy Delay
Hughes & Kettner Tubemiester 18 watt head

I still have it all, other than the first guitar, the 3/4 samik guitar...
Reinhardt 18 Head
H&K Tubemiester 18 head
Blue 6505+ head

TC Electronics G Major
MXR phase 90, Pigtronix Echolution 2
Digitech Whammy (5th gen)

ETB Infinity x2
ETB Yoda

Ibanez RG321MH - bought in 2006
Fender American Standard Stratocaster - bought in 2011

Epiphone EP800B
Fender Super Twin Reverb

Boss MT2
Ibanez CS9
Small Clone
Thomas Organ Wah
Distortion +
Boss RV5
Boss TU2

I would like to purchase a 5 string bass, an acoustic electric, and a tc electronic flashback x4, maybe another amplifier.

I buy with conviction and plan on keeping everything that I currently own.
Holy shit I've had way too much stuff!

In chronological order:

Squier Affinity Fat Strat
Schecter C-1 Classic (selling now)
Fender Blackout Tele HH (sold)
Epiphone Dot (sold)
Gretsch G5120 (heavily modded)
Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500 M (sold)
Parker Nitefly M (sold)
Cordoba Koa CE (classical)
Fender MIM Strat with CS '69s
Fender MIM Jazz Bass
Smoothboard Classic Fretless

Marshall MG15CD
Marshall VS100H/MG412 half stack (sold)
Marshall JCM900 112 combo (sold)
Marshall JCM2000 TSL 212 combo (sold)
Fender Vibro Champ XD
Egnater Rebel 30
10w Crate Bass Amp (don't know the model)

Dunlop Crybaby Classic Wah (sold)
Electro Harmonix Russian Big Muff Fuzz (sold)
Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face
Vox Clyde McCoy Wah
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Im only posting this as its 4.30 and I figure it might be closer to 5 and GOING HOME TIME! by the time I've finished

Guitars (in the order that I remembered them just now):

Siggery Deimos Fanned Fret 7 (My pride and joy)
MIJ Fender Squier Strat (Olympic white baby, still have it)
Ibanez Destroyer
Westone Spectrum Series II
Aria Pro II Excel (Still have it)
Ibanez RG 350
Ibanez RG 7621
Fender Squier 50th Anniversary Strat
Cort CL-1000 (Wish I still had this one)
Schecter Tempest Hellraiser (Still have this one)
Tanglewood TW460
Crafter GAE/8 (Owned for keeps, lovely electro-acoustic)
Zenta Telecaster (relic from the 60s)


Peavey Rage 158 (my first amp)
AWARD:Session Rockette 30 (beautiful hand made solid state, still have it)
Peavey Vypyr 30w (great practice amp)
Bugera 6262


A metric shit tonne, too many to list or remember.
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*Epi acoustic-electric (don't know the model, it has a butterfly on it... it was actually my father's)
*Fender Jag-Stang (my father's as well, someone owed him $) - I love this guitar's neck, since I have small hands
*70's Fender Twin Reverb (also my father's) -I am stoked that my very first amp is such an integral part of music history
*some cheap SS Crate 1x10 amp (it had distortion, also my cousin's)
*Digitech RP50 pedal (a decent multi-effects for a starter guitarist)
*Line 6 tonecore Uber Metal (wanted teh br00talz, dumb purchase)
*Dunlop 535Q wah
*Mesa Boogie Dual Recto Roadster 2x12 combo (my frist major purchase, paid $1600, was only a year old an in mint condition)
*MXR 6 band EQ
*Fender American Special HSS Strat (I fell in love with this guitar, and went back the same day with my father to purchase it)
*FAB chorus pedal (a fun little pedal, decent, for $20 new)
*Yamaha compass 12-string guitar (a graduation gift from my family when I finished university)
*Radial ABY pedal, because I have 2 amazing amps and wanted to mix and blend to get the best of both worlds
*Boss TU-3 Tuner pedal - because I was sick of having to find my handheld tuner
*Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion pedal - free from my best friend's boyfriend
*Boss PS-6 Harmonist - I wanted to emulate multiple guitars, for a fuller sound

I like random pedals, but I have high-end taste in amps.
Haha this should be order:

Yamaha F310 (a terrible guitar then and worse now...still have it)
Squier Affinity Strat + Marshall MG10 (dont have either anymore)
Boss DD-3 (Still have it, still love it)
Boss MT-2 (cant believe i thought it sounded good at one point)
Kustom 15w lil amp that sounded actually pretty decent (still have it)
Gretsch G5135 (dont have it)
Schecter C-1 Exotic (dont have it)
Boss OD-1 (still have it on my board)
MXR M-115 (still have it on my board)
Blackheart Little Giant (still have it)
Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue (still have it, wicked guitar)
Fender Jaguar HH Special (just got it)
Blackheart Handsome Devil (getting it next week)

Definitely like the upward trend there.
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Bitches be Crazy.

1. Starcaster "By Fender" Strat (starter electric)
2. Starcaster 15G "By Fender" (crappy SS practice amp, came with the starter guitar)
3. Boss FZ-5 (first pedal)
4. Fender Mustang Special (first quality electric)
5. Fender Excelsior (first tube amp)
6. EHX Big Muff (first good pedal)

I still have everything.
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on average, I usually buy 2-3 guitars/year, 2/3 pedals, and one amp, and I've been playing for 5 years now. I keep everything, too, so it might be long to track everything, but as far as I remember:

yamaha c40 classical, yamaha pacifica 012, ibanez ibz10g, boss ds1, l6 pod xt live

2007: ibanez rgt42fx, got a ibanez les paul copy from 1977 for free, bought laney linebacker 65 from the 80s (poor year)

2008: bought Fender Jaguar, an awful lot of pedals (EHX Big muff, small clone, holygrail+, crybaby 535Q, mxr phase90, and then some), ibanez tcy10 acoustic, crate flexwave half stack, traynor ycv40wr

2009: Gibson SG, some more pedals (IIRC: planet waves tuner, carl martin surf trem and red repeat), fender twin

2010: orange ad30 and mesa cab, fender 1967 blackface bassman, musicman silhouette, gretsch g5122, carl martin classic flange

2011: fender jazz bass standard, gibson les paul goldtop, blackout fix'd fuzz, strymon el capistan (hasn't been a very expensive year)

I have very most likely forgotten a lot of things, and I didn't include any of my other gear such as my keyboards stuff and my electronic drumkit, but it's pretty much what I got. I am also possibly going to get myself some sort of telecaster this year =)

2012 update: got some stuff. As far as I remember, mostly a Marshall 6100lm, a Fender Rosewood Telecaster and some plugins. Oh, and Pro Tools.

Well, he goes nothing..

1. Washburn X-10, later customized (check my sig)
2. Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
3. Rodriguez Model D Classical
4. Fender T-Bucket cheapie acoustic
5. Decided **** IT, I'LL BUILD MY OWN. (also in my sig)

1. Korg Pitchblack
2. Boss NS-2
3. ZVex Fuzz Factory
4. Dunlop Crybaby 535QC
5. Ibanez TS9 (sorta killed it, whoops)
6. Luck Duck Pedals Analog Delay
7. GGG Tremolo kit
9. MXR Micro Amp

As you can see, I like never having more than 1 pedal from a company

1. Washburn starter amp
2. Kustom 35DFX
3. Crate Blue Voodoo 120
4. Peavey 5150
5. Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Road King II
6. Orange Rockerverb 50 Mk. II

I'm pretty satisfied with the Orange for now, and since it's not getting much action as I'm up at college, I'll probably keep it around for a while.
1) a cheap nylon string (Florencia or something)
2) Cort strat copy and a Laney Hardcore Max
3) Roland Cube-60
4) Boss FS-6 (for what it's worth)
4) Johnson classical guitar with pickup (now my campfire guitar)
5) Maxwell Les Paul copy (horrid thing - eventually died on me!!)
6) Takamine EAN60C (my first super nice guitar)
7) PRS Singlecut SE (the older model)
8) Ibanez WH-10
9) Vox AC15 C2
10) TC Electronic MojoMojo (just bought it on Wednesday)