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1. Spend more time listening to drums.
2. Spend less time worrying about rhythm guitar.
3. Breakdown and purchase the kind of amp that I usually make excuses not to buy.
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stop buying new electrics, buy a new upright
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Quote by Cb4rabid
Ugh, let's try this again.

1. Get a 5 string. Seriously. Or at least a fretless bass.

2. Learn how to walk, it's a damn shame im in jazz band and I still can't improvise my own lines.

3. Get better at faster passages.

4. Learn how to properly do a full set-up.

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Oh man I completely forgot about this thread.

Quote by Alex Vik
I forgot to do this last year but I'll do it this year.

Get comfortable (and good) at soloing.
Get a new bass perhaps? A 5 string would be nice.
Learn all the notes on the fretboard.
Maybe get an upright?
Write more songs (ok, it doesn't specifically apply to bass, but my bassline writing skills are somewhat lacking).

That's about all I've got.

I did nothing.
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1.) Buy my own bass... I've been using my brothers POS
2.) Buy a bass cab for my head
3.) Learn various bass techniques
4.) Go Geddy Lee on some shit
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