I was down at my favorite guitar shop today looking for a good, cheap acoustic to use for messing around with alternate tunings and saw a strange little acoustic with the name Teton on it sitting in the middle of nowhere. It had a nice flat finish and a solid spruce top for only $230. I asked the guy about them and he had to go ask the manager what it was. They said it was a new brand that come out January 2011 and that they were designed by the guys from Takamine. The particular model was built to be comparable to a Takamine G Series but a little cheaper.

The neck felt pretty nice, but the bridge was falling off and there was a loose fret high up as well as glue oozing out around the purfling on the inside (not that most Takamine G-Series guitars don't have excess glue as well).

Anyways, they basically had to send it back and that was the only one in stock so I don't think I can make an accurate assumption based only on the feel of the neck. I was wondering if anyone has bought or played one of these Teton guitars and if they seem to all be that poorly constructed or if I just was lucky enough to try one that got missed during final inspection. Any insight would be nice
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Again, has anyone played a Teton acoustic yet?
Ibanez RG7321
Ibanez RG320FM
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Art & Lutherie CW Antique Burst
Stupid Ovation CC
Washburn 12 String
Randall Colossus Head
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A guitar with a single problem may certainly not be indictative of a whole model line or brand, but a guitar with three problems?

If it is yellow like a lemon, looks like a lemon, and tastes like a lemon then...
I'm the only player to be sponsered by 7 guitar companies not to use their products.
I am a representative of Chesbro Music Co. the owner/manufacturer/distributor of Teton Guitars. So that answers one misconception that the store passed on to you; Teton Guitars are not designed by the guys at Takamine but by Chesbro Music Co.

We are sorry that you first experience with Teton Guitars was not favorable but hey stuff like this happens. To find out more about the guitars, head over to www.tetonguitars.com, you can check them out and listen to sound samples.

We also encourage you to go back to the store or another store around you and encourage them to bring a few in for you to try. Other stores have had a lot of success with the Brand and we actually have had relatively few returns on the guitars from other stores.

We hope this answers some of your questions.
Huh. Hate to dig up a dead thread but there doesn't seem to be much info about these guys so it's probably worth it. Funny thing about what the OP's wrote, I played my first Teton yesterday in a small local shop and had a nearly identical experience. I too really liked how it sounded - more so than any other acoustic in the store - and it also had a lifting bridge. I didn't stare at the frets too long but this one also had either a high fret or a hump in the fretboard around the body join. Can't say anything about the excess glue situation. Like the OP I mentioned the bridge (etc.) situation to the tech guy and he pulled it out of circulation, presumably for return. But unlike the OP's store mine had three or four and the others seemed better, if not the body style I'm looking for. Guess they haven't dealt with their manufacturing problems and/or quality control issues yet. Then again, there's no telling how long this one had been sitting in the store so it my have been a leftover from before things were straightened out... if they were, that is.

I wonder about them being made in China - on one hand they pretty much have to be at that price, but on the other hand, we see Chinese guitars without any major problems all the time. The big Chinese instrument makers obviously know how to put something together so that it'll pass muster and these problems seem indicative of a small manufacturer which hasn't yet developed the necessary methods and practices to turn out a consistent product. This may not be the case at all, but I'd say that wherever the manufacturer is it seems they're either having trouble with volume production methods or materials.

Regardless, it's a real shame. As I said, I liked the sound better than that from any of the big names I played at the same time, regardless of cost. The only thing even remotely in my price range that I thought sounded comparable was one of the cheap Taylors I played at a different store a few weeks ago, and if Teton can ever get themselves straightened out I may end up with one.
I bought a Teton Guitar in January. the 150 model. It was price under $500 and came with Fishman. It is a large, bass sound and great action. Since bringing it home, it is the only guitar I have played.

It sounds like a Taylor. It must be pretty new. I found in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio at Pekar Music; it is the only dealer in Ohio.

Body Neck
Body Shape: Dreadnought Neck Material: Mahogany
Top Wood: Spruce Fretboard: Rosewood
Back and Sides: Rosewood Finish: Matte
Binding: As Guitar Number of Frets: 20
Bridge: Rosewood Fret Size: 2.3mm
Scale Length: 648
Truss Rod: yes
Dimensions Other
Upper Bout: 292mm Soundhole Rosette: Wood
Lower Bout: 394mm Hardware: TBA
Body Depth: 122mm Machine Head Type: Chrome
Body Length: 507mm Electronics: Fishman201
Overall Length: 1045mm Headstock Overlay: Rosewood
Nut, Saddle: Bone
Strings: D’Addario
I just bought one today. Will tell you my story, since there is almost zero info about this guitar and company out there. I was killing time at the guitar store waiting for a doc appt. I wasn't looking for another acoustic, I have 5 or 6. But, I saw this little fellow (the

I liked the looks of it so i played it. The depth of sound was amazing. Just really terrific throaty tone for such a tiny guitar. I played it for about ten minutes and then had to get to my appt. That guitar haunted me for the next day. I tried to research it but found virtually nothing (hence this wordy piece here). I came back the next day and just had to have it. The value was super key. If you handed me this guitar and told me nothing of price points, I would have said $800 to $900 range, and I know guitars extremely well (I have 14 guitars).
The price on this guitar (at a local guitar shop in South Denver called Allegro Guitars) was $309

That's an insane value. I had read this thread this morning, so I looked carefully for a bad glue job and saw no issues. Also checked for fret buzzing. no issues, perfect shape, and WELL worth $300

At this price, I can take this camping and play it in the back yard. My main acoustic is a stunning Takamine (EAN 10C). But, that is a $1200 guitar... so it doesn't really leave the house. The other thing that drove me to the guitar is the size. I am used to dreadnaughts, so I love how tiny this feels. Again, this makes it great for traveling I think. Also, here is another perk I appreciate. Since all my guitars are dreadnaughts, as are all my guitar cases. I didn't want to drop another $100 on a case - simply put the wife would not be amused. This guitar fits quite nicely in the dreadnaught case.

If I have any troubles with this guitar, I will come back and follow up. Barring that, though, assume I am VERY happy with this guitar... which I am. At that price, I could buy two.

Btw, wonder how you explain to your wife why you need another guitar? I compare it to shoes. I said these guitars are somewhat like shoes also as it guitar might only get used once a year, or on only one specific song. She has that same system with shoes.

If you are on the fence about this guitar, go play one. It's terrific. If you find yourself researching this guitar to buy online (and so can't play it in person) I would say go for it. IN fact, if you have any questions you can reach out to me directly. I likely won't be back here often to check a pm, so you can track me down at IamCorrect.com - also I would be more than happy to tell you about my Takamine EAN10C. if I had kids, I think one of them would be named that.

Sorry to be so long winded, but I want to get the word out about this great little company.

Denver, CO

I was pleasently surprised by the Teton for what it delivers with a great price.

The action was easy playable and the sustain was long lasting. This guitar has a lot of sound coming out and is made of solid spruce top and solid back and sides.

You can't beat this guitar for the price. $290-$600 some with electronics. The store prices did not include a case.
I, too, just purchased at Teton, I love it, and have had many compliments. My others are Guild AE, and a Gretch Rancher.
I just got my Teton STS100, had to pick it up from the store it just sounded so good! Well worth the money, it competes with my Taylor... In fact, I'm pretty sure I will sell my Taylor now because of this thing. Well worth double the price, it plays and sounds amazing! I will get it set up a little because the action seems a tad high, but as for build quality and craftsmanship it is amazing. And sound wise its incredible!! Very nice tonal range, it is very balanced and clear. Highly recommend one of these guitars, I've been seriously impressed.
I went to Murph's guitar shop and found a couple on the wall. I took them down and played a 6 string and a 12 string. I was amazed at the depth of tone. Way better than my Takamini and Ibanez acoustics. I've had my Ibanez for over 30 years and it finally sounds good. I'm saving my money for a Teton 12 string. I usually go to guitar shops and play many guitars before I make a choice. It took me six months to settle on my Telecaster. I am impressed enough by the Teton that I'm buying when I get the money.
I played a few Teton Guitars yesterday in a nearby music store. Loved the sound, deep bass, was very surprised when i looked at the price tag, the dreadnought was around 250 and the A/E with cutaway was about 100 more. I did notice the dreadnought needed neck adjustment as getting very bad buzzing on the high E string, I'm sure an easy fix. Im very impressed with the sound and would buy one if I didn't have 6 other acoustics already.
It really compared to my Taylor 214 for sound. I would not hesitate checking em out more for a future guitar.
I've heard a few bad reviews about some teton guitars and frankly I don't get it. I bought a sts205nt dreadnought 2 years ago. I had a fender Thinline pickup installed under the saddle at purchase. This guitar ( although light in weight) has a good resonance throughout all the tonal ranges. It gets better and better as the wood ages. I paid over 700 are for this model and it was very well worth the money. As in all manufactured guitars its action is quite high but I play the lower neck and it doesn't bother me. The tones are very good from bass to treble with the treble a bit overpowering if you use a pick. But as with any Solid Cedar top you should expect this. This is an acoustic guitar and its sound will over power any vocals if used as such. I had a thin line fender pickup installed under the saddle and it is simply amazing when amplified with the correct settings on your amp. The factory strings were a good match. I've tried a few different brands but with earnie ball the guitar got to have to much treble, but with a change in the amp it was ok. My 205 sounds best with heavy guage strings. I did need to do a truss Rod adjustment. But for the price you won't find another guitar on the market to give you the vibrant bass, mid and treble tones as this Teton. It was their top of the line when I purchased it. At under 800 bucks with the pickup installed it is an awesome buy. My 83 Tanara and 91 Yamaha 700 CX sit in their cases when my Teton is perched in my guitar stand at a moments notice. If you are a pro you would like this as your tag along go to the party guitar. If you are a beginner this guitar will keep you playing. And for me, well I like to enjoy my music as I want it and this guitar does it all very well.. Fred Sweatfield. You can hear some of this guitar on you-tube by searching my name. A rock solid guitar at a beginner price.. Good Job Chesbro , a good product at a fair market price !!!!
IbanezDudeCK i have owned my Teton sts150nt for about a month. It is solid sitka top and laminate rosewood back and sides. This guitar has its own sound not martin or Taylor. It is very well made. I promise you for the 330 dollars brand new not used no case i am a very happy camper. This guitar is a cannon right out of the box and it stays in tune very well. Hope this helps.Craig
Quote by crgalexy1
IbanezDudeCK i have owned my Teton sts150nt for about a month. It is solid sitka top and laminate rosewood back and sides. This guitar has its own sound not martin or Taylor. It is very well made. I promise you for the 330 dollars brand new not used no case i am a very happy camper. This guitar is a cannon right out of the box and it stays in tune very well. Hope this helps.Craig
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