I dreamed there was a streetpunk band called The Leopards, I think. They had haircuts that resembled manes. I (or someone else) joked that THE LEOPARDS were "true p0nx0rz," which was supposed to be a pun on "true panthers."

Leopard's don't have manes, as science has shown us. Absurd! Nevertheless, I can't shake the feeling of familiarity that the ferocious-feline-themed-streetpunk-band concept elicits. I feel like I saw a band like this somewhere when I was first getting into music. Anybody know what my subconscious was alluding to?

Their picture vaguely took the form of this one of Green River—of course they were more PUNK ROCK than GR, and they had more deliberate and recognizable manes:

I should also note these other things that almost certainly don't have any bearing:
• When I dreamed this (last nite), I wasn't aware that leopards and panthers are the same animal, so the pun actually makes more sense than I originally thought.
• I didn't know the difference between leopards and cheetahs.
• I had another dream recently in which I identified myself with a creature with the body of a grasshopper, the head of a rabbit, and leopard skin (or cheetah skin, since I don't know the difference).
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Started googling different big cats with no real purpose because of this, and this has got to be the most literal domain name I've seen in a long time.


The sign off at the end of the home page is priceless:
"We hope you enjoy all our different leopard pictures. Remember the name Leopard-pictures.com"
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I don't like Green River.

Trash Kittens had loads of cat related songs. Does that count?

What about the MC5? They had ties with the white panther movement.
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I don't like Green River.

Me neither. I give them credit for having a marginally better look than their contemporaries/descendants, however.

Thanks to Descendents, I can't intuitively spell "descendants" correctly anymore.

Last nite I was in German Hell, which is actually my grandparents' kitchen, except it's giant (either that or I was tiny). I rode there on a razor scooter. Nobody there is German. They serve food. It's not bad, and they even let you pass on a dish if you don't care for it. Afterward, I went to prison and had to sit around in a classroom. One of the other young prisoners' daddy was Nobunny.

The setting of Hell could have something to do with the fact that before I went to sleep I was reading the work of Asshole Misogynist Nietzsche and listening to Scott Walker's "30 Century Man" multiple times—the first lyric of which is "see the dwarfs and see the giants." Maybe that's a stretch, though.
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"see the dwarfs and see the giants."

sounds like some Twin Peaks shit...
Obv just start this band yrself. If you're lucky, the rights to your biography will be picked up by Adult Swim.
just found out there's a label called True Panther Sounds. they put out some hunx and his punx records so i can only assume i saw the phrase somewhere and without consciously remembering it assimilated it into my web of subconscious associations. as far as the meaning of the dream goes, this clearly brings latent homosexuality into the picture.