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Viban & link55588,
Thank you for the reviews! All of the tunes on my website don't have a real drummer recorded. "Feel the Wind" had a sequencer triggering a synth module for drums. Some of my song use Superior Drummer 2: the factory drum patterns had a real drummer playing a MIDI drum set, and those MIDI patterns trigger multi-samples, so those sound more like an actual acoustic drum set being recorded.
-Feel the wind

Nice guitar tone. your vocals sound a little bit like the band "new order" I think you should think about getting new drum samples because they sound a little dated. The vocal quality is a little muffled not sure if that's intended but you might want to add an EQ and work on making them a little clearer cause its hard to tell what your singing.


Loving the retro dance synth with the delay very 80's style. around 50ish The lead fits very well and is a catchy. Idk why you stopped it you should of kept it going for atleast another 20 seconds so it gets stuck in my head. Which vocalists inspire you? Cause your sound is very retro and I like it. Drums here aren't as clean as they could be.

C4C ftw Please take a look at my song

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Jonathan Trejo,
Thanks for the review! Which vocalists inspire me? Many do, and with some of them, I don't sound anything like them. David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Sisters of Mercy singer (I don't even remember his name), David Byrne (his vocals typically don't sound great by themselves, but they just work well with a lot of Talking Heads songs). I don't sound anything like Peter Gabriel, but at times I wish I could sing like he does. Same with Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) and Sammy Hagar. At times I have been influenced by Johnny Rotten/Lydon (even though a lot of his lyrics are too negative for my taste). There are many others.
Thanks for taking the time to listen to my song.

I'm not sure what to say that hasn't already been said about the recording quality of the songs. The drums were a bit too midi sounding.

As for the songs themselves, I liked them. You had the 80's style vocals down perfectly. And the music behind it was always interesting. Not something I would really listen to all the time, but that's down to personal taste. You got that style down pretty well, good job.
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