Very nice cover! Your playing is very good, the only thing I could notice was you missed a bit on some bends in the solo, other than that it was very clean. I think though, if you lessen a little bit on the gain, and/or try to tighten it up a bit, your guitar would sound a lot better! But all in all very nice!

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Hi ControllsDeadX
Nice cover man! Your playing all sounds tight - to be honest it's a little bit hard to tell though sometimes because of your tone. IMO its a bit too dirty and distorted.. Could just be your method of recording though. What did you use to record and what is your tone set up? Let me know when you c4c and I will give you further advice. The volume mix is pretty good as well.

Sounds really good to me. I am kind of new to guitar so I am not really able to give any detailed feedback (yet, working on it=P), but I was wondering if I can ask what settings you use on your amp?

I am learning Stricken myself, and I'm using Amplitube 3 and/or Guitar Rig 5 to try to re-create the sound on my computer. I have something decent but always looking to improve it. I can post my preset if anyone is interested but I am not able to post any cover yet as I both lack recording equipment and skills to finish the song for now.

Thanks i nadvance and keep up the good work.