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Wait what? But wouldn't you have to take into account how far he travels? If both guys had their watches synchronized and one travels from one side of a room to the other at the speed of light then he wouldn't have gone into the future.

Yes I believe you are right. This effect does not work over really short distances like from one side of the room to another. But according to Einstein's theory, it does work over incredibly long distances, like from here to the edge of our galaxy.

Some of this stuff is so difficult to understand that it takes a lot of reading to really get your head around this stuff.

I read End of Eternity by Asimov and he says a way time travel can work and Isaac Asimov wouldn't bullshit you cause he's just great. It was something like at some point we establish a space that is outside of time that maintains a presence in all future earths and then because that place will always exist from that point, travel backwards and forwards , stepping outside it whenever point in time you want. Everything before it existed will be off limits though. and the whole thing will be powered by the energies of the sun going nova some point in the far future.

Look at these sideburns.

This shit makes total sense.

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