This is umh... *facepalm* yeaaah...

Got one friendly girl () to play the cello for this one! So that's amazing.

Rain falling down
They keep you out
"Time ease my pain"
Lines they run in vain

In the hours late
They bring me to you
Sleeping til last day
Due my state

We come and bring justice to this town
The stakes were clear since the beginning
A race to the cloudscape bring them back
Keep them awake in a bed of horrors

Believe in me
I'm here

Now, take the time and
Remember your lines
Somewhere here is our clear-headed child

Healing call and the
Big-headed statues they
Approve my stay
As blind

We understand the unstated truth
Where they watch we don't know
It is sealed in your head
We never cared for the nameless rooms
We are away for the artist
Who clears out the canvas

A day clear of the harm
A road back home
We streamed down from the astral space
And aligned ourselves with truth or lie
haha... I really like this. The intro is really groovy. Actually I think I reminds me of a Justin Timberlake song for some reason (no, I don't listen to him). I like the kind of discordant riffs, then the distorted guitar kicks in, yeah!

I enjoy listening to more experimental music and this is just madness. Makes me grin and smile a lot. Been ages since I've heard music that takes so many turns. Picking up on a bit of FNM/Mr Bungle influence I think.

Talented playing. Keep it up!
I'm writing as I listen.
The beginning is pretty groovy. @0:20 The bass line is sweet though I'd prefer if the guitar had a cleaner sound. When the distortion kicks in everything is just perfect but then it loses momentum @1:35 which was a let-down. The cello sounded amazing, I must say. In the piano part that follows, the hi-hat hits ruined that section for me. I think a "free" feeling without percussion would have been better. @3:30 the guitar riffs and chords sounded weird to me. The transition @6:18 felt forced. The vocal melody @7:16 was cool. I wish that part lasted longer.
Overall, the piece did not feel cohesive nor did it have a clear direction or flow. Production wise, everything was well-balanced to me.
The intro was badass, I really loved it. Super catchy. I was kind of disappointed when it ended. I liked the fuzziness of it and everything. The clean parts were decent, but I much prefer the distorted/fuzzy stuff. You got a good tone.
The transition at 1:21 was really awkward in my opinion. Same with the one around 1:37. They were too abrupt getting into them, they just didn't seem like the same song. The vocals came into the song nicely. The cello parts were really nice too.
The transition at 3:28 wasn't too bad besides the vocals. You have a really weird tone going on there and it just doesn't really fit with the song in my opinion. So far your vocal sections of the song and instrumental parts have a big contrast, but not in a coherent way sadly. I really love the instrumental sections of the song, but the vocal sections could use some work.
Seems like each time a new vocal section comes in it feels like a different song. I'd work on making things flow better cause you got some nice sections in there, they just don't work too well altogether.