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Ah apparently it will just contain reworked songs from garden window. But still, exciting

edit: off their website: "Lastly, we will be releasing an EP entitled "Basement Window". It will contain reworked songs from our full length "Garden Window" that we recorded ourselves in our basement. It will be released digitally September 18th and a limited vinyl release on October 30th. For the vinyl, one side will have music and the other side will have art work etched into the actual vinyl. Pre-order info will be up shortly. Track listing below.

1. Lo
2. Machines Pt. 1
3. Lay Down
4. Malum
5. Poison! (digital only)"
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Holy crap they were so good. They were incredible. And... and... Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra/my favorite band's singer) came out on stage.... and... I can't even... Poison!'s bridge... oh my god.....
I seen this band a few months ago during Thrice's farewell tour, got the singer to sign my Thrice/O'Brother/Animals as leaders tour poster at an afterparty in Philly, pretty cool moment. I should start listening to them more.
My god they were so good tonight. The bassist was working the merch table so of course I shook his hand and told him they were amazing. They had some really awesome looking shirts, but I just opted for the Garden Window 2xLP. Even though these guys record all their stuff completely live, there's just something about actually seeing them live that makes it sooooo much better. They were so heavy. Love their tones.
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I actually saw them on Thrice's fall 2011 tour, with La Dispute and Moving Mountains.

I thoroughly enjoyed them, they were awesome. Should delve more into them.

Saw them when they opened for Circa Survive, they were amazing.
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I actually saw them on Thrice's fall 2011 tour, with La Dispute and Moving Mountains.

I thoroughly enjoyed them, they were awesome. Should delve more into them.

i would have killed to see them live with thrice! and throwing in la dispute into the mix would have just been the cherry on the top.

when i saw them with circa, it was a pretty wonderful experience. was not a huge fan of touche amore though.
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I saw these guys with Balance and Composure, Touche Amore, and Circa about a month ago, and it was the first I heard of them. I was blown away by how good they were but I never really followed through on listening to them. Anywhere particular I should start?

Thanks guys.
Garden Window.
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I just finished listening to it. All I can say is, I should have been listening to this album since it came out. I dismissed them because of their name before I saw them. I just assumed they were a Rise band. Huge mistake.
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