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I think this thread should have been locked to the public, and discussion of the products in the main fo. On that note, I think there should be a dedicated fo or sub-fo for virtual gear. Lastly, this thread needs updating.

@ChemicalFire: I haven't warmed to Revalver4 for high gain sound; too raw in amp and cab, and the amps don't feel like a live electric line in my hands.

@Lee: Bias cabs are kind of strange. Mic and mic placement have a lot of effect, as the C414 is monstrous boomy with the Highway. Originally, my favorite was VH4>highway>C414, usually needing some post eq serious low cut, and decent treble boost. However: I typically don't prefer Marshall cabs, especially not greenbacks, for metal - but the Green25s I prefer the most of the lot. Second is the Thrasher. The boldest and cleanest high gain tone I've come up with is od>tplate>green25s+C414.

I think your guitars and mix sound good.
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Really good and useful thread. Still reading this years after and enjoying it. When I was younger I used to play a lot, just to get guys lol. It worked