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Have any of the Unity users in here created anything for the Unity Asset Store?

I've recently submitted some music to it, and I've encountered a strange problem. I uploaded about 670MB of .Wav files, but apparently my Asset Package totals 1.4GB in size. I took care to bundle only the necessary files in the package.

Any ideas as to what could cause this to happen?
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Quote by JackalUK
What is it? Any info or screens?

An arcade-y offshoot(huehue) of Asteroids. You fly around(Space + A or D) and shoot(Left click) down enemies to get parts. You can convert 5 parts to upgrade your health or weapon damage(Q and E respectively). You can also convert 10 parts to put down an indestructible turret(W) for 20 seconds. Turrets do not give points other than the parts you collect from enemy ships.

If you have a game-pad I'd recommend using it over M+K as it feels a bit more natural that way. Right trigger + Left Stick for moving; A/X fires; X/Square upgrades hull; B/Circle upgrades weapons; Y/Triangle spawns a turret.
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