2 months ago I changed my plastic guitar nut to an ivory nut with a help of a luthier the problem is it leaves a small gap between the nut and the guitar and the nut is slanted across the fretboard making the high e string have higher action and increased string height

So I sent it back to the shop and the fix the gap but the nut is still slanted. So i decided to fix it myself. Do you guys think it's a good idea that I should do it myself? Should I sand it? Do you guys have any videos that'll help me install it?
No videos,just do it yourself.And find a new luthier.After you get it as flat as you want,Stick it in a vise if you got one betwee two sheets of leather or inner tube or something and gently tighten up on it just to hold it steady.You don't wanna crack it.just hold it.What I do is take the lightest wrapped g string brass or bronze and hold about a foot of it between both hands and run it back and forth between the grooves.TO get it as flat as you want,I just take em and run em back and forth along a real fine flat file. to stick em on I use like 3 drops of clear silicon and spread it along the bottom and fingerboard side with a razor blade.Then put both your E,s on first,to hold it where you want it.Yhatll pull it down and tightGive it a couple hours for your silicon to get firm.DONT buy the kind that gets hard.Get the kind that stays rubbery.clear shiy from autozone or something like that.Dollar general.If you get the kind that gets hard next timeyour nut comes off,so does your finish.Use as little as possible,man.You just wanna keep it in place your strings will do the work.Sounds complicated but It aint.And its a good place to start working on one.Its hard to screw up but its Important.You get to set your bridge,I always count the turns when I adjust my bridge.write em down.You get to set the action you and your guitar are comfortable with.Truss rod is a different story.Don't mess with it.Thats when you ask for help'here or somewhere.you can do real damage real quick.And it's kinda backwards from how you think it would be.Have fun man Fix your own guitar.ask for help if you need it.See Ya,panhead201
Thanks for the reply man! And it's very detailed I'm gonna try it now thanks!

From now on I'm gonna fix guitars myself
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Do you guys have any videos that'll help me install it?

I cut together a video myself that I think you'll find very helpful. I put it in my http://. Everyone, please let me know what you think and I'll improve it. I want to end the stress and overspending of the thousands of people in this situation.