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Far out been so busy! Barely had a chance to do any work on this, but done a little bit today

Routed out my rear cavities

With there being so much ebony on the neck I thought I should get some on the body, so inlaid some 4mm ebony pieces where my knobs and switches will be

Finished the logo and gave the neck a quick sand so I can lay down a few more coats

Got the bridge aligned and drilled for


Even without the puzzle pieces this is an awesome build, the puzzleness just makes it amazing
I don't know how I feel about those pieces of ebony inlayed in there. I think throws off the theme a little bit. But if you like it that all that matters.
Nice work!!!
I quite like the ebony inlays. That logo looks sharp too, keep it up man.
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Thanks C Hart, I'm glad you put the idea for more ebony out there!

Any work on this lately?
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Yes and no, did my epoxy grainfill and ended up using a bit too much so done a fair bit of sanding, wasn't happy with the fretwork so I've pulled the frets and are in the process of sanding the fretboard down. I'm also having a bit of trouble with figuring out how all my wiring will pack into the cavities I've made so might have to do a bit of mucking around there to figure that one out

Looking forward to updates, good luck.
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Were in the middle of winter, so I'm waiting for things to warm up a bit before I start lacquering

^^^C'mon global warming, help us out. I really wanna see this build done.
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Were in the middle of winter, so I'm waiting for things to warm up a bit before I start lacquering

Come visit Texas for a bit, more heat than you'll ever need right now. I can't wait to see the finished product! How much do you expect it to weigh in the end?
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Looks awesome man. Just make sure you don't drill your neck bolt holes into the metal plate lol.

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Man, that neck is ****ing gorgeous!
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Been completely MIA for a while, too busy at work then too cold at night to do much, then no camera to take pictures from, but have a new tablet so got a couple of snaps on that.

But the guitars been laquered, it was still too cold when I lacquered it, and there's a few imperfections I'll always be able to see, but hey overall it came out alright.

Usual process, flattened dry sanding at 600 grit, then wet sanded 800-2000 then buffed.

The pictures don't really do it justice, it's evening here and lights a bit dull, it's got a fair mirror shine to it so can't complain too much about that!

Now it's just assembly, and the wiring which should prove interesting.

Did some bits today, added a small chrome washer around the hole for the piezo wires, to make it look a bit nicer once the bridge is over the top, ran the piezo wires through their channel to the control area

Installed the pups

I made a control plate for the jacks.

Just waiting on a couple of mini switches and then it can be all wired up!

Wow, amazing build, looks fantastic.
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Yeah 1x magnetic only, 1x piezo only, 1x mag/piezo blend, and 1x xlr blend

Got it all wired up, it's pretty snug in there, didn't really leave enough room for the preamp, but hey I'll know for next time.

3x dpdt on on on's for series/split/parallel for each pup and a selector

Made up some cavity covers


Basically all done at this stage!, Needs another good buff and polish, and needs a good set up, but basically done

I'll be sure to get some better pictures tomorrow after work

Tomorrow by midnight is when all the challenge builds need to be in, hope all those who entered have something to show for judging, best of luck to you all

Jesus, and I thought my wiring was complicated! Very nice stuff man, I like the covered string ferrules on the back (though I imagine it might get a bit old after a couple of string changes). Pretty jealous that you're still in Christchurch - how're things holding together down South?
Blue.... what did you use to make your jack plate? I've got to find a replacement for the one on my LP so I can take out the active electronics.

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It's just pvc edging used in joinery, just something I had in the garage

Strung up, and a couple of wannabe arty photos taken.

Some final specs:
Purpleheart/Pine/Sapele body and neck
Ebony fretboard
Gfs lil killer and dream 180 pups.
Series/split/parallel switch for each pickup. Mini selector switch.
Ghost resomax piezo bridge
Artec MB1 blender preamp. Piezo/magnetic/both selector switch
Magnetic/piezo/both jacks, plus blend xlr jack.
Grover mini rotomatic tuners

Looks like thats a wrap folks! Thanks for the support, I needed it with this one!

New to the site but I love guitars. Seeing your progress as you did your build was great. One of the best looking guitars I have ever seen. Very nicely done!
That looks great, this is easily in the top 3 of my favorite 2012 builds. I'm not sure if I like this or the Death Note les paul more, either way it clearly paid off for you to go through the hell of trying to cut each piece and getting it all put together.
****ing awesome, man. This came out fabulously.

But now i want a sound clip.
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