Hello there!
I am trying to make or customize a bar style strobe LED light to fit in front of me whilst playing guitar with my band. I am trying to rig a foot switch (non latching) to trigger this light. That way, when I put my foot down on the latch, it instantly shines a bright light on me or onto an area of the stage. I prefer LED, because I feel this will be more durable that a bulb fixture.
So, simply put:
Strobe LED light -- external switch (non-latching) = Shiny guitarist

Does any one know of a thread or website that specializes in this fixture. I would like it even more if it fit on my pedal board (pedal train PRO).

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Seems to me as though you may have just made such a thread. Is there a certain question you have on making this?
*insert witty statement here*
I really want to know:
Which Strobe/Light bar to use (I'm looking for just a white flash, preferably LED).
Which Foot switch (momentary/non-latching) to use
Other artists or persons who have done this in the past; Or maybe I'm the first and I'm going to inspire someone? (Pfft, I doubt it!)

But, I mean, it's a cool idea right? To be able to momentarily engage and flash a BLINDING light up at me, on certain accents of a song. The reason being, is my Alternative/Progressive band has some weird time signatures that most "sound/light-guys" wont catch or be able to feel. (i.e going from 7/4, 4/4, 9/4 back to 4/4).

Hopefully this clears it up a little better!
It all depends on your knowledge of electronics/programming and your wallet. My band wanted get lights that triggered of something like this, but it just wasn't in our budget to go and buy equipment to get it done.

If you have deep enough wallets or already have some of the equipment, you'd be looking at something like $150-500 for a single light(or set of lights) and $300-500 for the footswitch.

If you don't have your money already waving in the air over that, then you can make it your self. All you really need would be the following and some electrical knowledge:

- Soldering iron (use @ 700 degrees, some models aren't variable)
- Solder
- Flux
- Wire (22 gauge is a good size)
- Power source (9/12V is usually fine depending on what the parts are rated for)
- LED lights (depending on the style of lights aka looks like a lightbulb, you might need a base to screw it in)
- Something to act like a switch(limit switch/footpetal(via patchcord/midi)/laser sensor etc.)
- Resistors(would need a potentiometer(pot) to get the timing of your strobe to be variable)
- 555 timer(something to give the lights to clock to)
- on/off switch

All this stuff if you were to buy at a hobby store(if you're not using a footpetal) could cost you $50-200, depending on if you have a soldering iron(good ones are around $100) already.

Your best bet imo for a footpetal would be something stand alone like a stomp box as plugging into a multi-effects petal might not go so well if you don't really know what your doing and you might end up frying it depending on it's power demands.

A good question for wiring this correctly would be, if you plan to momentarily have the strobe go off or have the strobe on and then use the momentary switch to make a constant beam go off and then go back to strobing.

Sorry if I seem a bit scattered with my thoughts... Currently working on something like this as well.
Kind of an old thread I guess... but I had stumbled over it while seeing if anyone else had done a project like the one I'm working on. This post seemed unresolved so I posted the kind of direction that I chose to go with. Maybe OP is still looking for a solution... I don't know.