My band, Apparition Of The Great (http://www.facebook.com/apparitionofthegreat ) is looking for a screaming vocalist. Our music is similar to Motionless In White, Like Moths To Flames, Asking Alexandria and The Word Alive. We're in Sierra Vista, AZ, but we realize that the vocalists are all graduated as of this past year and have relocated. If you think you can do it, send me a PM or text me (520.236.1539)! If you've got any vocal covers, that'd be great to send in a message. If you don't, but are able to record something, that'd be cool, too. Oh, and before you all start sending me things, we're looking for someone between the ages of 16 - 20.

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I think I can be the screamer that you're looking for, just one problem... I'm in Iowa, but I can scream, high's and low's, I can do basically any screaming you want. I'm very practiced, although I have never preformed on a stage. I can learn lyrics quickly and I can also write lyrics too. Please reply. Thank you.