Haha I remember seeing them in the cover of Inferno three years ago. They're doing their first album at the moment(?)

Excellent EP that is.
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Their drummer went to the sama school as I a few years ago! His drum teacher was Kai Hahto from Wintersun and Swallow the sun. And yes, Vorum does make really great music!
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Awesome band,got into them from that Vasaeleth split, has a good kind of brutality to it.
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Vicious is a good descriptor for Poisoned Void, such an aggressive and dark album. I like how thrashy and fast-paced it is, yet they slow down the tempo sometimes to provide an ominous atmosphere and contrast the whirling maelstrom of darkness with something more brooding. The guitars in the title track sound like a swarm of angry hornets, awesome.