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Ok guys.. opinions...

I've got the Siris now and I love it, but my GC store didn't have the Rosewood so I couldn't try that one out. In fact I didn't even know it existed until I got home with my guitar and looked up information on it. So Siris turns out to be another type of Indian Rosewood...

I'm wondering if I should even bother asking my GC store if they have or will be getting the Rosewood version anytime soon. Considering Siris is just another type of Rosewood, I wonder how much difference there could be. If the Rosewood version is a little more mellow than the Siris then I would like to switch, but if there isn't going to really be that much of a difference then I don't want to deal with this matter any more than I already have.

Any comments, advice or replies are appreciated.
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Well, I bought the Rosewood edition a couple of months ago and absolutely love it. I haven't played the Siris model.

I was saving up for the DCPA3 because of the better quality wood but when they came out with the DCPA4 in Rosewood, I snapped it up.