hey guys,
i had a demo of my jackson rr3 up on my youtube channel ages ago but i deleted it because the audio quality was terrible and the video wasnt synced with the audio.
anyways, i decided to redo it, and here it is, showcasing the application of the guitar in a high-gain, fast paced metal song.


please check it out! and here is a short review:

Model: Jackson rr3 (2009)
Made in: Japan
Body: Alder, Rhoads shape
Neck: 22 frets, Rock maple, rosewood fingerboard, triangle "sharkfin" inlays (MOTO), bolt-on
Pickups: JAzz neck, JB bridge, 3 way switch
bridge: jackson licensed floyd

comments: The sound out of this guitar is monstrous when distorted, rich and colourful when clean and smooth when overdriven- don't let the looks fool you- it can do much more than just metal ( i guess i should've shown this in the demo eh?)
I haven't yet played a guitar that sounds or plays as good as this (maybe i'm just used to it).
the only problems with it are the licensed floyd, which i stopped because it ****s up your tuning THAT badly, and the shape SOMETIMES when i stand up because its just too blocky and therefore becomes uncomfortable when you shorten the guitar strap.

4/5 stars for this beast.
I'm considering buying it and I even had a thread posted, which just got closed for reasons I don't know.

I see no reason to get the guitar for the price. I mean people will say its all about personal preferences. But that's not helpful at all. Some people SHARE the same comfort and sound coming from the Jackson. Personally, I like the way the body rests on your lap. The thin neck makes it far easier to shred. So if you're gonna be playing that genre it'll be great. Still obviously it works for other genres.

Does the bolt-on change the weight of the thing? Does it scratch easily?
It got closed because it was in the wrong section and didn't really have any information or content.
This is going to get closed because the thread is six months old.